Matthew Heimbach and the Virginia Flaggers: A Reminder

Young Connie Chastain after glimpsing her future
Young Connie Chastain after glimpsing her future

Recently Corey Meyer asked three simple questions of Virginia Flaggers spokesperson Connie Chastain.

Question 1. Is Tripp Lewis a Virginia Flagger?

Question 2. Did Tripp Lewis call Matt Heimbach a “Good Guy”?

Question 3. Since Matt’s opinions have been discovered, has the Va. Flaggers refuted Matt for those opinion or have they continued to embrace him as a Friend on FB?

Connie declined to answer the questions. Nor did she have any information on when we can next expect to see Susan Hathaway flagging in front of the VMFA, although she knows Susan’s speaking schedule.

This is proof that at times she can be quiet. However, we soon expect a tenth post this month attacking “a total nobody.”

Call this post a birthday present to a good friend.