Not Just Another Halftime Show

THE Ohio State University remembers …

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10 thoughts on “Not Just Another Halftime Show

  1. As a Buckeye, I am proud — and awed — by their shows! Both of our kids were in marching band in High School and I know how hard they practiced. I can only imagine how the BDBITL prepares!

  2. It’s remarkable that the OSU band- any band for that matter- would take on the task of remembering the Civil War and Gettysburg Address at a half-time show. Despite my loyalty to another Big-10 school, OSU deserves a pat on the back and well done for this great program! The most intriguing section of all was the last formation of “Blue” and “Gray” reuniting under one flag- the stars & stripes, which may have gone over the head of some viewers but I believed it to be a poignant statement and interesting that it should be included as the finale. Could such a show have been performed at Old Miss?

  3. Well done.

    Watching the show, I was thinking: with 240 members, the band is about the equivalent of three 1861-era companies…gives you an idea how much space a double or triple line would occupy.


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