News and Notes, December 10, 2013

Neither snow nor sleet nor … wait a minute, I’m in Arizona …

  • Ned Baldwin offers a review of Frank Varney’s book, General Grant and the Rewriting of History, that will raise some eyebrows. The review built on a discussion on where someone places a great deal of faith in favorable Amazon reviews.
  • Someone reports actually seeing that Confederate flag in Virginia off I-95. Really.
  • Finally, a Confederate heritage blogger who resents being asked direct questions nevertheless wants other people to do her own research for her. Help her out: “Describe for me the horrors of South African apartheid, from 1948 to 1994.” Heck, even checking Wikipedia could help her out. But why ask me? After all, she thinks I’m a “total nobody.” 🙂 Capeesh indeed. 🙂

As for that blogger, who asks:



I guess one could ask her why she believes this:

Superior Reversed

Coming to an e-Bookstore … Sometime … Maybe …

It’s always interesting to see what a struggling fiction author who been reduced to self-publishing her own infrequent work plans to do next … or down the road (perhaps way down the road). I’m sure many of you can’t wait to read what will come next from the keyboard of this Pensacola-based author and maker of many dust jackets:

Chastain Book One

One would think that all the author (who wants to be called “C. L. Ward” for the moment … don’t want to associate this sort of stuff with “Chastain,” right? Ashamed?) needed to do was to weave together a series of her blog posts, although that might be fantasy fiction (not unlike that self-published by one of her dear friends).

But wait … there’s more:

Chastain Book 2

Oh my.

We can now expect to be treated to a series of posts talking about this forthcoming work that will prove longer than the forthcoming work itself … if indeed this ever appears. We’ll have false accusations made by someone who made a name for herself decrying false accusations. And, just to show where the author’s mind is, she offers this telling observation:

Hehehe, guy even has on a BLUE hoodie… Amazing, what you can find on stock photo sites.

What is it about people in Florida when it comes to a person walking on the street and wearing a hoodie that suggests that the person will be violent (and thus must be stopped)?

And, finally, we now have a look at the lovely couple who seems to be the target of all this aggression:

Chastain Book ThreeAnother woman in red attire (this one seems to have a problem holding a Confederate flag in a respectful way) … and a poor casting choice for the Tripp Lewis character. Really? How predictable.

Well, I guess if a picture’s worth a thousand words, we must already be approaching 3,000 words for this latest foray into moonlight and magnolias.  Even her rants on her blogs don’t usually go that long.

The whole thing reminds me of someone who once speculated about the reaction to a book review he had yet to write about a book he had yet to read. Or publicity campaigns about books not yet read by publishers who are responding to criticisms of a publicity campaign by someone who has not read the book in question.

At this rate we can dispense with writing altogether. We can promote books we’ll never write, discuss reviewing books we’ve never read, attack critics of books by saying they’ve never read them, and so on.

At least I made you read this. 🙂

UPDATE: But wait … there’s more. The author, realizing that she had violated the copyright provisions of the source of some of her images, decided to edit her last post (and add more information about that book that will be forthcoming …. someday):

Chastain Book four

BigStock should find this interesting, given the author’s interest in providing images over prose. And I’m sure readers can offer a better model for “Sydney.”


It will be a helluva novella. Fun indeed … it will be to literature what the I-95 flag is to Confederate heritage … hard to find.