The 2013 Confederate Heritage Follies Countdown, Part One

Well, folks, it’s been quite a year when it comes to Confederate heritage follies. Indeed, we’re going to be doing an end-of -the-year countdown of the top eleven moments this year … one for each Confederate state (what, you wanted thirteen?).

Here we go, with number 11 down to number 9:

Hey Arnold11. Carl Roden, Romance Writer: It came as something of a surprise to learn that Carl Roden was a romance writer. Then we learned that his genre was adult stories involving Nickelodeon cartoon characters. Hey Arnold! Guess what you’re doing tonight in someone’s basement in Chester, South Carolina?

Don’t worry, it gets better. :)

Z two10. A Personal Portrait Gallery: You’ll notice that what once stood as the gold standard of Confederate heritage follies, the Southern Heritage Preservation Group, has lost much of its standing due to the meteoric rise of another group. However, we couldn’t let go totally unnoticed the fact that John Zakrzewski turned the group into his personal portrait gallery so he could show everyone (repeatedly) how he looked in a Confederate uniform (managing to recycle these pictures in much the same way that Gary Adams recycles his posts that mangle the historical record). Looking good, John.

hall9. There Are None So Blind as Those Who Pretend to Be: Corey Meyer uncovered posts from John C. Hall, Jr., the pride of Dublin, Georgia, who bragged on a Facebook group that he pretended to be blind in order to sneak his dog into a hotel by claiming that he was a service animal. Now that’s Confederate Manhood, Pride, Honor, and Integrity for you!

Hall’s no stranger to pretending. Sometimes he pretends to be a Confederate officer standing next to General Lee.

Stay tuned … there’s more to come.

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43 thoughts on “The 2013 Confederate Heritage Follies Countdown, Part One

  1. This society is getting so degenerate that the liberals can take shots at conservatives but conservatives are not allowed to take shots at liberals or it is considered hate speech. I wonder if those who believe in freedom of speech (both liberal and conservative) are noticing this?

    Your attacks on white southern men is considered OK in your area apparently but if a conservative starts attacking liberals and really takes them to task on homo______, it is considered hate speech and one is called all kinds of putdowns and yet the Bible calls homo_____ an abomination and condemns it as a capital crime.

    Mr. Simpson, that is how degenerate our nation has become. I believe if the South had separated from the North, this gridlock in government, this loss of freedom of speech, this clash of regional differences would not be in our faces on a daily basis. We as two separate nations could ally to fight a common foe overseas or an invader of the North American continent instead of fighting one another.
    The conservatives in the North would have a place to go to get away from the liberals and the liberals in the South would have a place to go to get away from conservatives.

    May this nation one day come to its senses and see we are actually two separate nations and acknowledge this fact and quit fighting one another and separate for our mutual good.

      • You know there has to be more to it than that. Even to bring it up in his context when it is not even relevant shows that he is uncomfortable with his own sexual well-being or we have a long-winded troll.

    • Once again using the Bible and how it was applied about 3,000 years ago and then making the huge leap to modern times. Try to remember what Christ said about homosexuality…nothing. If you don’t like the US of A get the hell out. The South is part of the US, not the Confederacy. It is not leaving the US. You can get your butt out any time you like.
      The nation came to its senses and started voting conservatives out of office and replacing their racist, bigoted, narrow-minded, and un-American policies and laws. Welcome to a democracy. Again, if you don’t like it, get out. If you want to exercise freedom of speech by all means do so, but quit advocating secession because it will end like the last attempt.

    • Hey D.R. I wish you could meet my gay friends who would show you an abomination. Some of them are even Christians and were born in the South so what do you say to that? Did you ever stop to think that you are in the minority here? That the racist homophobic bassackwards way of thinking that you and Connie and kid toucher Rhodan and bats**t crazy Mike Lamb and the VA Flaggers share is just like your ancestors…GONE! The entire country has changed around you and for the better. Red states are turning blue. You can spout your hate from the safety and anonymousness of the Internet but would never have the guts to day it to someone’s face. You’re a coward D.R. You’re whole movement is made up of cowards and your Confederate forefathers are ashamed of you!

    • There is absolutely no way that secession would have been the cure all and key to some sort of utopia. Such things don’t exist in this world.
      More than likely it would have created even larger problems (and resulting loss of freedoms) for the citizens of this country. A good study of history would make that clear.

      I don’t consider this to be an attack on “white southern men”, but it is an attack on certain people who insist upon a very skewed version of historic events, often to promote a rather odious political agenda.

      As a person who has, heretofore, considered themselves conservative and republican in inclination — I wish to conserve the original intent and purpose of this republic, its rule of law, its notion of separations of power, and its democratically elected concepts — I’m not exactly pleased that this certain group has used its constitutional rights to public discourse to undermine the union of said republic which has granted and safeguarded their rights as is befitting any citizen.

      So, if they are allowed the freedom to their discourse, then their opponents have every right to the same — or: if they can’t stand the heat, they can always walk out of the kitchen.

  2. “… adult stories involving Nickelodeon cartoon characters.”

    Ummmm…what is it about these losers and sexualizing children?

  3. I don’t know what is more hilarious, this post or the angry comments you’re getting from these homophobic heritage yahoos! Can’t wait to see where crazy Miss Connie comes in. Lol!

  4. That whole perverted Hey Arnold Romance episode is incredibly disturbing. Carl Rodan’s hobby has all the warnings of a kid toucher. Seriously, better keep an eye on him. I can see him turning up on Americas Most Wanted or the National Sex Offender watch list someday. Of course then Connie Chastain would find a way to defend that behavior too as some kind of Heritage right for white southern men. Maybe she would write another imaginary book called “The Mosby Molesters”. I think she’s up to 5 fake books.

  5. What I think is so funny is how John C. Hall wear his sword and sword belt. The loops in which Mr. Hall has slid his sword scabbard into are to be hooked to the rings on the scabbard. The sword does not go into the loops. To blasted funny for someone who claims historical knowledge.

    • I enjoy John C. Hall’s rants. He thinks people are afraid of him. That’s laughter you hear, John. You provide the material, and people laugh.

      Carl Roden makes the same mistake. He thinks people are afraid of him … “the man the Deniers fear most.” I don’t think so. Maybe he’ll reflect on it in another of his “fan fiction” pieces.

  6. Sorry but this post really put me in a holiday mood:

    12 Days of Christmas (Miss Connie style)

    On the first day of Christmas Connie Chastain gave to me: one mythical view of the Confederacy…

    On the second day of Christmas Connie Chastain gave to me: two fake eBooks and one mythical view of the Confederacy…

    On the third day of Christmas Connie Chastain gave to me: three pro slave posts, two fake eBooks and one mythical view of the Confederacy…

    On the fourth day of Christmas Connie Chastain gave to me: four poorly photoshopped racist banners, three pro slave posts, two fake eBooks and a mythical view of the Confederacy…

    On the fifth day of Christmas Connie Chastain gave to me: five wannabe klansmen (named Hall, Lewis, Lamb, Rhodan and D.R.), four poorly photoshopped banners, three pro slave posts, two fake eBooks and a mythical view of the Confederacy…

    Feel free to join in folks…

  7. By disrespecting this guy’s work you are essentially disrespecting the entire FanFiction Community, especially Hey Arnold. I severely doubt that story would be including children. It would be flagged as unsuitable, and the account deleted. In stories of a mature rating, the characters are, more often than not, aged older in the stories than they are on TV, so not including children. FanFiction settings also state in the rules that authors must rate their stories on an age limit, meaning you don’t read an adult rated story unless you want to. So, if you did find, in a more eloquent term, ‘questionable material’, then you would have searched for it, and would in no way have been forced to read it. Please also be aware that any inappropriate story can be reported and removed following review, along with the author, so if the story wasn’t removed, it didn’t breach the rules. You have no right to drag someone’s name through the mud just because of some petty, narrow minded views. I don’t know how Americans handle this kind of libel, maybe a charge of harassment or defamation of character might suffice? It is called a Fandom. Allow me to explain; this means that you watch a movie or show or read a book and enjoy it so much you that you get into the franchise. This means that people have a favourite past time related to the aforementioned franchise, wether that is watching/reading your beloved material, drawing art concepts, creating fan fiction stories or following groups and news boards, often all of the above. I really hope you can grasp that fundamental concept, considering you barely had any education to gain the basic definitions in the first place. It may not be your cup of tea, but no-one is not forcing you to read it. That’s like dictating the filling of someone else’s sandwich. It is not your sandwich, you’re not eating it, so please, feel free to move on with your little lives, and reconsider the legal repercussions of your poison pen next time.

    • In other words, you object to reporting what he does.

      I have not speculated as to the implications of Mr. Roden’s interest. I see no need to do so. In the story the characters are teenage minors.

      “It may not be your cup of tea, but no-one is not forcing you to read it.” A sentence like this suggests that you may want to work a bit on your own writing skills. Take care.

      • Anyone (btw that’s how you spell it Margie) who participates in writing sexually mature (adult) fiction that features children’s cartoon characters has to expect some odd looks at the water cooler. (Although this is the same mindset that believes the Confederacy was right, so I take that statement back.)

    • Brad- do you see something wrong with a grown 37 yr old man like Carl writing sexual stories about children’s cartoons?

      If you do, what is “the movement” doing about a clown like him? Is this another case like Kevin Strom?

      You and your wife are about to have a baby, what if that baby is a girl, do you want your baby girl around people the neo-confederate and white nationalist movement seem to attract, because pedophilia is a huge issue and you know it!

      That baby needs to come first. This might be a time to take a better look at those you are hanging around with.

      • I don’t think Brad hangs around with Carl.

        Now Connie’s a different story …

        Again, unwarranted and undocumented assertions about Carl simply aren’t acceptable. I find his fan fiction curious, to say the least, but I don’t find it suggestive of something else. To respond in that way is to behave like Connie Chastain.

        • There are more than one Carl in these movements. Brad knows what I am talking about. These movements are magnets for pedophiles.

          Ask Brad about Kevin Alfred Strom, and others.

          Let’s talk about how the Gaede twins (Prussian Blue) were objectified and lusted after when they were barely in their teens.
          How almost all the white power sites are plastered with photos of pre-teen and young teen girls.

          Carl is just the tip of the iceberg, and is not atypical for that scene.

  8. Thelibertylamp
    I am sure there will be all kind of pedo enabling/defending at the Backass swamp tomorrow …I’ll have the popcorn ready…

    You eat this perverted stuff up like…….popcorn……weird…. very weird……

    This blog is like the dysfunctional Addam’s Family of Union Loyalists.

    I haven’t seen Lurch yet. Please ring for Lurch.

      • No, you are falsely accusing me. I don’t visit questionable sites like that and after this exposure to this smut of yours, I will no longer visit this site. So, you don’t have to suppress my comments, I will say goodbye. I thought you were a decent man who would not stoop to something like this.

        • Take care. All I said was that you liked to hang out on this blog, and there’s plenty of evidence of that (you even changed e-mail addresses). So I take your sense of pretended offense as simple theatrics (or a commentary or your warped sense of reality). Rest assured that I will hold you to your word.

  9. Carl Roden posted a response. He calls someone ignorant in the title, and then rants on for a several paragraphs about how Brooks drug the entire fanfiction community into it. It’s interested how Carl claims he has done nothing wrong, then goes on and on to justify himself.

      • He assumes what he did will be viewed by others as wrong….of course I will go ahead and say it, writing sexual stories about Nickelodeon cartoons is a bit creepy.

        • He argues that it’s his path to fame and fortune. So I’m just lending a helping hand. Then I wash it.

          I’m sure Connie will publish it with an assortment of covers. After all, if she is willing to have him guest post, she should be willing to associate herself with his prose, stand behind it, illustrate it, and help publish it. To do otherwise would prove that’s she’s not really behind Carl. Capeesh? :)

  10. This may have already be brought up but Carl Roden’s comments from Facebook that the Virginia Flaggers Communications Director put up on her blog is one of the longest explanations of what he “did not” do in regards to his “fanfiction” that I think I have ever seen.

    I wonder what all the defending is all about?

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