A Note of Sympathy and Encouragement

It’s come to my attention that several folks are disappointed that they didn’t make the 2013 Confederate Heritage Follies list. In some cases it’s because they simply aren’t important; in a few cases the person was simply too easy a target. Moreover, there were some simply spectacular instances of foolish follies this year, with several being provided by one group. They’re always seeking publicity, and they’ve gotten it … even when they no longer flag the VMFA.

Some of you aren’t trying hard enough. I know you have the potential to make real fools of yourself in spectacular fashion. Others confuse being pitiful and pathetic with being candidates for follies fame. You have to have the right stuff … look at Tripp Lewis for inspiration.

Try harder. There’s always next year. 🙂

News and Notes, December 20, 2013

Elsewhere in the world of history, heritage, and memory, we didn’t want to overlook the following: