What One Confederate Heritage Defender Thinks

… and I use “thinks” loosely.

Jim Crow actuality produced MUCH good for all of society. It was the right thing to do. However what was bad concerning it was where *some* used violence in order to force their views onto others on and individual basis, like personally attacking others.

Originally Jim Crow Laws started as a way to limit voters, similar to a poll tax. Then it was expanded. When it was expanded to force individuals and or businesses to cater to a specific way of dealing with the public, it became wrong and caused a lot of problems, some of which we see the effects of today, and in reverse. It was NEVER the intent of US Constitutional Law to force people to accept social laws which FORCED people to treat people equally or in any specific way, and this includes business. (When EQUALITY is referred in/under the US Constitution, it is meant to refer to all people being EQUAL before the government and its’ established law.)

I mean Jim Crow laws were good from the fact that it limited unqualified and non-vested people from voting. People who has no education, no property, and nothing of worth will be voting to gain anything that profits them. We see the affects of this as all these government welfare programs today. Of course it was those who didn’t have that voted those politicians in that gave it to them. This disregards the morality or the commonsense of laws. This is what turns a Republic into a Democracy, which is nothing more than 2 foxes and a chicken voting on what’s for dinner. 

Such limited voting and using Jim Crow laws correctly doesn’t affect just one group of people either, it would affect anyone regardless of color equally. But of course Jim Crow laws were ignored when the voter would vote the right way. 

All I’m saying is Jim Crow laws are a good thing in helping determine which people are best qualified to vote. And to be honest, I personally think some people are too rich to vote or even take part in politics. (Good quote from Aristotle on this.)

“Being educated and propertied is no guarantee somebody will vote the right way,…”

No it is no guarantee, BUT accordingly, if education doesn’t matter; why not let 15 year olds vote? Or children? Or babies? Or illegal immigrants (New York city now is considering a bill to let non-us citizens vote.) Why not let the dead vote as they are anyways in the moral-less North? 

The answer is simple. If a person has a certain level of education, they can read and understand politics and what it entails. Can any of the others do that above? 

Of course some 15 year *may* qualify, but there is more to consider than education alone. Commonsense, wisdom, morality and living life itself is a moral teacher, and hardly any, if any 15 years has this ability, much less the other groups I listed. Even 25 year olds has a hard time associating and equating those aspects of life when voting. Being *allowed* the privilege to vote is in NO way a Right! You have to earn the privilege to vote, and along with other qualifications makes you a *vested* citizen in the country, meaning you have earned the privilege to have a say in how the country is run. 

“…and pretty much everyone votes in their own interest….”

Of course that’s true. That’s Law of Nature and it had been considered in detail when forming the US Constitution. So I ask; what is in your best interest concerning politics? What is in my best interests? And this would actually include the majority of the people. Does anyone have any general idea? 

First we must establish what would be the majority of the people. First we would have two extreme sides of society; one being the chronically poor and destitute, the other being the overly rich. Both these sides are so extreme their self-interests would oppose that of the middle. 

The poor are poor for many reasons; They may be lazy, they don’t care, they would rather have *fun* while not interested in anything that doesn’t benefit them. Meaning they are also self-centered. OTOH there are some people, though very few that really can’t make it because of health, or mental health. Yet these people are just as self-serving in their interests to a point. Many of which understands that they do not wish to live off others.

And then we have the super rich. They are extremely self-centered, and to the point they wish to rule and control others for their benefit. And they have the money and power to make much of this a reality. As another extreme these people are extremely intelligent and can be very thrifty. Yet it is all in their self-centered attitude and love of money that they would destroy the goose that lays the golden eggs in order to get that last egg! These people are vile and corrupt they never need to be related to anything concerning the voting process. It should be illegal for these people to even associate with any politician! 

Second we would have to assign the 3 sides a % of society they would compose. I’ve see various stats and all differ slightly. But from a general and average standpoint we’ll assign the poor as to representing app. ~20% of the population. The super rich would be app. ~4-5% of the population. This leaves about 75% making up the middle class or the average American society. 

These people as a whole from a sociological standpoint wishes to live their lives pretty much as you, I and the rest of us Confederates here sees life. Mainly keep the government out of our business and life as much as possible. Yet we are not getting this from government. But we are getting many average Americans voting for government control over our lives; Why? Which is another topic of discussion.

“..Also, politicians give tons and tons of corporate welfare money to companies and whole industries. Poor folks don’t have K Street Lobbyists…” 

The above quote actually is in relation to my last question and statement above. It’ll take another topic of discussion to explain but the reasons can be shown as self-evident.

“..Jim Crow laws were aimed specifically at blacks….”

I knew this one was coming! I was laying in ambush for it! Who fits the criteria of the poor extreme above? In reality most blacks do not care about proper government, except what they can get for free. Their voting patterns consistently support this. 

It is also true that most blacks does not have enuff education to qualify to vote in maintaining proper government. This is extremely true when one understands that the black society has an average IQ of about 75-80, which is borderline mentally incompetent. (I’d bet you the farm that Obammie’s IQ doesn’t exceed 100. The average IQ for the white population is 100 which is also the standard for the test. The test comes from the WHO and is conducted all over the world.

I am all for letting blacks or anyone in society vote, IF they show they have enuff intelligence and sense to vote. OTOH I can’t help it if one group shows to be less capable than others, which would mean certain laws, IE Jim Crow laws would more adversely affect them. The POINT is in keeping competent controlling the country. 

Aristotle himself said that the best government comes form the middle class. 

Enuff, already.