Diversity: What a Confederate Heritage Apologist Believes (Part One)

You’ll recall that yesterday I highlighted the questions posed by a Confederate heritage apologist about diversity. Asked to answer her own questions, here’s how she responded:

“The diversity you appreciate… Is it cultural? racial? something else?”

I think there is a big difference between (a) an individual preference for varied ethnic cuisine, etc., and (b) the doctrine of multiculturalism that says all cultures are good except ours (which is primarily a derivative of western European culture, which is also not good), and the effort made by political and educational elites based on that doctrine to weaken, dilute, and eventually eradicate our culture.

This is primarily the doctrine and effort of the left, which I believe despises U.S. culture for its whiteness, its success and its wealth, and wishes to destroy all three via means such as massive dissimilar immigration and non-assimilation, and instilling in American youth a loathing for, and rejection of, their culture (Rob Baker is a great example of this) — the desired result being the reduction of the US to third world status, and the inevitable wretchednses of its people (except, of course, for the leftist elites, who will continue to enjoy a much higher standard of living).

I think it is telling that these leftist cultural elites do not make the same effort to “diversify” cultures that are not European or European-derived, regardless of how monolithic they may be.

These answers betray an eagerness to warp reality to serve one’s own agenda.

No one has said that an appreciation for diversity betrays an embrace of white inferiority. Note the immediate equating of diversity with race, to say nothing of the questioner’s inability to distinguish between race and ethnicity (are “Hispanics” white? Indeed, is “Hispanic” a useful term, given the diversity among people often grouped under that label … say people who identify as Mexican versus people who identify as Cuban or Spanish?). To say that an acceptance of diversity or multiculturalism is designed to eradicate “white” culture is simply bizarre … but it does betray the fears, insecurities, and anxieties of the questioner.

Indeed, the questioner frames her inquiry in terms of erecting strawmen and making claims that show that she’s caught up in a world of superiority and inferiority … which is typical of a white supremacist.

One wonders how she would define “white culture,” given the ethnic and religious diversity inherent in that culture. Moreover, anyone looking at the world from a global perspective would understand that “white culture” is a minority culture. If demography is destiny, then so is diversity, and that destiny dooms our critic to a lifetime of bitter complaining.

And that’s for starters … I’m sure the rest of you can add your own observations.