A Final Word on Duck Dynasty

I have to admit that I was rather nonplussed about all of the recent squabbling about Duck Dynasty. The show is what it is, and it appeals to certain people, while others don’t give it a thought. Oh, I’ve seen a proliferation of various types of merchandise associated with the show, but otherwise it hasn’t left an impression on me. In fact, A&E’s reaction and reversal seemed almost too predictable.

All I noted then–and now–was that the very people in the Confederate heritage crowd (the Flaggers and their ilk) who spoke up loudly on behalf of the show and the right of one of its stars to speak freely without fear or retribution were very, very quiet when it came to Susan Hathaway’s recent disappearance from the sidewalk next to the Confederate War Memorial Chapel because of fear that expressing her opinion might leave her unemployed. I was amused that people would be so strident in support of someone they didn’t know while they failed to back someone they claimed to support and value … one of their own.

Now we learn that the Confederate heritage people backed the wrong horse. Continue reading