Diversity: What a Confederate Heritage Apologist Believes (Part Three)

Finally, our Confederate heritage apologist offered her own answer to her third and last question:

Would you advise me how important it is — compared to other important things in life — to have a level of comfort with people of all cultures? 

“If you live in the 21st Century and you are uncomfortable with diversity, you are going to get a lot more uncomfortable real soon.” (so said my fellow Long Islander … now back to our Confederate heritage apologist …)

Yes, considering what “diversity” is being used to bring about in the USA, most people here are going to get extremely uncomfortable and worse — miserable, wretched … all those adjectives we used to describe the unfortunate inhabitants of impoverished, repressive, third world countries, which is what we will become in the 21st Century.

I don’t think leftists who are engineering this change in western culture really care about other cultures or their people. Oh, some good hearted followers may be thus concerned, but they are either uniformed about, or unbelieving of, the elite’s ultimate aims. 

I sincerely believe many cultural elites in leadership positions — such as the anti-Confederate bloggers I call floggers — are not motivated so much by concern for the unfortunates, but by hostility toward what they perceive to be American whiteness, success and wealth. Never mind that many of them are white, successful and wealthy — they exempt themselves. 

I truly believe, based on what I see and know of Simpson, Levin, et.al., that they are far less concerned about blacks, past and present, than they are with demonizing white people, especially Southerners — with exceptions for themselves and their followers. Otherwise, why do they choose to live and work in such white, basically un-multicultural areas and teach at such white, basically un-multicultural institutions? They talk a good diversity-talk. They don’t much walk a diversity-walk.

Well, I’m a member of the cultural elite in a leadership position. Really. And I’m white, successful, and wealthy. Good to know. That the same person once complained that I was a “nobody” seems to clash with this assessment, but then such muddled thinking is par for the course for our blogging buddy.

As for the rest, well, that says something for our Confederate heritage apologist’s level of knowledge and her intellect. As I’ve suggested before, she has a lot in common with other white supremacists. And, as usual, when she says “white people, especially Southerners,” she overlooks (1) the fact that not all southerners are white (except in her segregated/exclusionist fantasy world) and (2) that not all southern whites are the same. Indeed, the best way to “evilize” white southerners would be to suggest that the Confederate heritage apologist in question is representative of white southerners. I know better. So do many other people.

Our Confederate heritage apologist pretends to know a lot about the people she despises. For example, she used to go on Facebook and make assumptions about people based upon their list of friends. However, she rejected precisely that sort of reasoning when it was revealed that many of the Virginia Flaggers had Matthew Heimbach as a friend on Facebook. Again, muddled thinking … not exactly an argument for white supremacy.

I’m not terribly worried about what she thinks of my circle of friends or the people in my immediate workplace. I see no reason to behave like a Virginia Flagger and point to knowing a black person as evidence that I must not be a racist (especially given that particular black person’s views on African Americans). But you would think she wouldn’t be so stupid when it came to the diversity of the student population at ASU, where I work. You can find the figures for 2012 here.

Of course, what the Confederate heritage apologist overlooks is that the demography of the Southwest is different than the Southeast. Indeed, she’s so fixated on African Americans that she overlooks this point: she defines diversity in terms of race and then in terms of African Americans, suggesting just how narrow her interests are and how limited is her understanding of the concept of diversity.

What this final answer shows, however, is the poisonous brew crafted by mixing hatred, ignorance, stupidity, fear, and insecurity together. There’s no argument here for homogeneity or “sameness” here based on the supposed merits of these concepts, but an endless rant that suggests just how fragile white supremacy really is. After all, if the United States is going to hell because of the growing diversity of its population,why can’t white people like this Confederate heritage apologist stop it?Why does she choose instead to spend her time writing cheesy romance novels?

For those of you who believe in white supremacy, I have three words: Norwood “Tripp” Lewis.

lewis 4Really … can’t y’all do better?

And so now we know what a Confederate heritage apologist believes when it comes to diversity … and that reminds me of a song:


5 thoughts on “Diversity: What a Confederate Heritage Apologist Believes (Part Three)

  1. Al Mackey January 9, 2014 / 6:20 am

    You and Kevin get named billing. I get an et al. [By the way, Connie, it is “et al.” and not “et. al.”.

    • Patrick Young January 9, 2014 / 3:35 pm

      She named you, she just forgot to capitalize the “A”.

  2. Schroeder January 9, 2014 / 3:01 pm

    BWAHAHAHA! Oh that song tribute is priceless! In hysterics right now! Al – don’t take the “et al.” too personally – I’m sure that after this blog, the hissing Floridian will duly note your name in her future rants – possibly in one of her lusty romance books? (we all make her ‘hit list’ at some point). Poor woman… so bitter she is.

    • Al Mackey January 10, 2014 / 6:13 am

      Well, there was a time when I “took the cake.” 🙂

  3. Thelibertylamp January 9, 2014 / 5:33 pm

    There are certain broken down swamp hovels that are sans the diversity, and they look both uncomfortable and wretched already…

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