More Fear and Loathing from a Confederate Heritage Apologist

As you might imagine, our Confederate heritage apologist offered lengthy replies to this week’s series of posts, claiming that she was misunderstood. I don’t think so. Moreover, there’s no need to follow her responses step-by-step, because her illogical rants don’t deserve that sort of scrutiny. Besides, a few highlights should suffice.

The primary ones warping reality are the progressive cultural elites, who do indeed embrace white inferiority by claiming it is falsely superior — exactly the same way feminists embrace male inferiority by claiming it is falsely superior.

There she goes again with the superior/inferior rant. Suffice it to say that it does not follow that to attack white supremacy is to embrace white inferiority. Then again, if one wanted to argue for white inferiority, one need only look at the people who assert white supremacy. One who wanted to argue white inferiority would simply point to the writings of our Confederate heritage apologist as Exhibit A.

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