Quote of the Week: January 12-18, 2014

With all due apologies to this stunning reassessment of Hood’s Tennessee Campaign, the winner for this week (barring any late entries) is Border Ruffian/Battalion, who announces:

We give them a lot more credit and attention than they deserve. The blog traffic for all of the floggers combined is about 600 per day. It’s even less when you discount those who visit multiple sites. They have little influence outside academic circles.

Good try. As my blog traffic alone is several times that amount, we know that BR/B’s just making stuff up again. This is the inverse of his wild inflation of estimates of “black Confederates.”

But it’s interesting to know that I’ve gone from a leader of the left wing cultural elite that aims to destroy white people back to someone with little influence outside academic circles. I wish these folks would make up their minds.

By the way, cacklin’ Connie’s currently writing about homosexual pedophiles and model trains on her blog. Really. I guess we know what’s on her mind. Sweet southern boys indeed. The woman really has a problem.