Quote(s) of the Week: February 15-22, 2014

Well, I’ve been busy with other matters, but it’s time to return to that recurring favorite, Quote of the Week. We have several.

slavery was the excuse used to frame the yankee agression with moral intent meant to keep great britian and france out of the war…..the south was right! the war aint over an will never be over until the confederacy is liberated and yankee land is nothing more than a smoking pile of ashes…the yankees invaded for one reason and one only…MONEY! without dixie the federal government couldnt collect import taxses from southern ports they invaded and killed anyone that resisted including wounded men, children and women! the yankees were liars beggars murderers rapists and theives…..and me and every other southerner will not rest until dixie is free and liberated and yankee land is burning and its people starving!

Guess he won’t be voting for William T. Sherman as Man of the Year for 1864.

the war aint over….as god is my judge i swear dixie will be free an the blood stained banner of the confederacy will be raised in richmond an every city, state an territory in the confederacy…and the sun will never set on the confederacy ever again! communism an yankee imperialism will never win against the confederacy

That’s good news for the Virginia Flaggers.

I’ve wondered why Lee didn’t station the rebel army along the north south border and just defend it…Eventually the tax money the north was taking from the south would have dried up….

Boy, wasn’t Robert E. Lee stupid?