Almost Never Wrong

Although Keith Harris’s Cosmic America blog is now a part of blogging past, Keith is still with us, and blogging once more at the clearly-labelled Keith Harris History.

I am told he is almost never wrong.

I know this may not be news for most of you, but it will be welcome news for others. Keith is to eyewear what Peter Carmichael is to scarves, or so I am told.

In almost related news, has anyone seen Dimitri Rotov?

The Empire Strikes Back Again

Two items that will make many people smile and a few people stomp around in anger before taking their complaints to the internet:

The┬áDaily Show takes on Andrew Napolitano’s understanding of the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln (someone should make Napolitano an honorary member of several Confederate fantasy heritage groups).

And here’s another proposal for a vanity license plate for Georgians. It’s all about heritage, after all, and if you want me to respect yours, you’ll have to respect this heritage as well.