An Astonishing Coincidence

Our friend Jerry Dunford has called our attention to a new book. Entitled Give This Book to a Yankee! A Southern Guide to the Civil War for Northerners, it’s written by Lochlainn Seabrook and published by Sea Raven Press. What makes this book especially interesting to readers of this blog is that it comes with a foreword written by Karen Cooper of the Virginia Flaggers. Jerry’s been so kind as to reproduce on his blog Karen’s introduction:

seabrook cooper Y’all might also be interested in what the publisher placed on the backjacket of the book:

back of the book


Happy reading.

Help the Virginia Flaggers

As I said some time ago, the Virginia Flaggers had no intention of ceasing their efforts to fly Confederate flags along I-95 with their initial effort near Chester, Virginia. As Susan Hathaway has declared:

I-95 Memorial Battle Flag #2 is VERY near completion. The pole and flag (which are twice as tall and big as Flag #1) are paid for, but we are looking for assistance in covering the cost of installation, which will require the rental of a crane. Please consider a donation to help us wrap this one up…

One way you can help is by going to eBay to bid on a copy of the DVD for Gods and Generals autographed by Ron Maxwell. Bidding ends on March 14, so hurry up.

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