Learning to Read

Here’s an example of how not knowing how to read (and not knowing how to quote) results in intellectual confusion. The example comes from a noteworthy Confederate heritage FB site.

Riley Learns to ReadI get where you’re coming from, Mr. Riley. I shook my head after reading this, too. Why?

Could it be that this is what Earl Hess wrote?

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More Textbook Controversies

Here we go again: yet more allegations the textbooks for schoolchildren contain inaccurate statements. You can read about this here and here: the case often mentioned was discussed briefly on this blog, and more extensively elsewhere.

It’s disappointing to hear the following declaration:

Will we hear objections from the progressive historians who are so quick to jump on other issues? I doubt it. This bad history fits their agenda – indoctrination.

Now, it may be that I’m not a “progressive historian,” whatever that term means in this context (for me, when I hear the term, I think back to an interesting book by Richard Hofstadter on Frederick Jackson Turner, Charles A. Beard, and Vernon Louis Parrington). Also, if there’s an agenda floating around, I haven’t received the memo, so maybe that should tell me I’m not in that club, any way.

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Quote of the Week: March 16-22, 2014

Even some of the true believers are getting tired:

Well, lets hear your plan on how to first convince enough people to join in your crusade, then explain how you are going to fund the new government(s) and their military to stand up to another attack by those states(groups) that do not secede, and while you are at it, what kind of weapons and where will you get them to stand up to the weapons of the U.S. military?

The followup response adds more common sense:

Well, even though I do not like the way things are going, it is getting VERY tiresome seeing people yell “let’s secede” with no plan, no idea of what they are getting into, most of whom have either not tried, or have given up trying, to change things in any other way. Many do not vote, the easiest way to make changes, then cry when no changes are made.

When the revolution starts, it will be posted on Facebook.

Or is that when the secession starts … ?