Oops of the Month: March 2014

This month’s “oops” comes from a man who posts under many names, and who is highly critical of every blog with whom he (and sometimes she) disagrees. The comment appeared at a blog where he/she is most welcome:

austin oops


Just another accident … sortta like this one. So what if it took only a few hours to discover it?

Someone will have to explain to me why some people seem a little too interested in these issues of violence against women who are supported by someone who’s insistent about false rape claims. Talk about rape culture

(cue outraged posts from Pensacola … [update] GOTCHA!)

As for Ms. Chastain on rape, here’s what she said a few years ago about efforts to deal with rape by the federal government:

More and more, radical feminists are showing their hand, proving that the hatred of men is the core of their “philosophy” and its ultimate aim the destruction of men. How can we reach any other conclusion when they can’t wait to throw innocent young men to the lions over imaginary rape?

That’s Connie for you. She’s up to 44 posts on me in 2014. 🙂