Trouble in Old Virginny

I spent the weekend in Virginia, where I spoke on Saturday at an NPS-sponsored event. I’ll say more about that later, but for now let me report that it was an extremely pleasant event. Little did I know that down the road a few score miles things were a little more interesting in the former capital of the Confederacy.

First, it seems that the governor of Virginia has decided to ignore Virginia Flagger Susan Hathaway in declining to issue a proclamation declaring April Confederate Heritage Month (it could also be called Confederate Surrender Month, but I digress). What a shame. Do you think the Flaggers will flag the governor’s office? Surely they would if they really wanted to restore the honor. Besides, they need the publicity.

Second, it looks as if the Virginia Flaggers were busy recently dealing with a counter protester. Apparently the Flaggers think that they alone should be able to express their opinions (here’s a sample); apparently they also like to do things that promise to get them into trouble with the authorities. We await word that yet another legal defense fund has been established to help out another Flagger in need (anyone heard anything about those lawsuits the mighty Norwood “Tripp” Lewis threatened to file?). The Flaggers don’t need that sort of publicity, although they will now get it. Where’s Rob Walker when you need him, Susan?

We should expect some squawking from Pensacola any moment now, because someone has a new computer. Apparently she’s quite happy, even if she forgot a few things.

McConnell and the College of Charleston: Kerfuffle or Controversy?

In the aftermath of Glenn McConnell’s selection as president of the College of Charleston, the discussion has been (as I warned you) fairly predictable, although we now have a spat over the nature of the new president’s library (and what he sold at his store).

I confess that I am not terribly interested in this matter in terms of McConnell’s interest in Confederate heritage. The College was well aware of his interests when it chose him, and the reaction should have come as no surprise. But other people are far more interested. Are you?