April 9, 1865: The Appomattox Countdown Begins

It’s April 9, 2014. Some 149 years ago today, this happened:

apppomattox 03

Within days, this happened:

furling the flag

No word yet on whether certain Confederate heritage groups will fly white flags and furl their Confederate flags, just as their honored ancestors did, to mark the occasion on the road to national reunification.


7 thoughts on “April 9, 1865: The Appomattox Countdown Begins

  1. Nancy Winkler April 9, 2014 / 12:12 pm

    I have the feeling they are totally flummoxed today, unless they take a lesson from Jubal Early. He was a master at twisting things around to his own advantage. The poor underdogs! It wasn’t a fair fight! Each team is supposed to have the same number of players! The other side started it! Mommy!!!

  2. M.D. Blough April 9, 2014 / 3:41 pm

    Read Lee’s final communication to his army. Jubal built on the foundation that Marse Robert built there with the opening sentence, “General Order NO. 9 After four years of arduous service marked by unsurpassed courage and fortitude, the Army of Northern Virginia has been compelled to yield to overwhelming numbers and resources.”

  3. Mark April 9, 2014 / 7:14 pm

    I’ve not seen that drawing at the top. I can’t read the author or the description. Is that the courier sending word of the proposed meeting for surrender? Are the Union officers depicted as receiving him known persons or just random officers?

    • jfepperson April 10, 2014 / 4:22 am

      I believe that is Custer receiving the “towel of truce.”

      • John Heiser April 10, 2014 / 5:36 am

        The sketch was compsoed by Alfred Waud depicting the flag of truce (the “white towel”) borne by Major William Sims of Longstreet’s staff on the morning of April 9. Sims’ message was direct from Lee, a request to suspend the fighting while the general sought communications with Grant. In his tpyical bravado, Custer replied that he alone was in charge of the field and told Sims that he would not stop the charge of his troops unless Lee immediately agreed to an unconditional surrender. Just the beginning to a somewhat awkward encounter later that morning between Custer and Longstreet.

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