Remember … It’s Hate, Not Heritage (Redux)

Apparently the news that there’s going to be an integrated prom has upset some people, including John C. Hall, Jr., and his soul mate, Pat Hines.

Hall and Hines on Proms

It got uglier with others.

We await the usual defense of such expressions from those so-called defenders of Confederate heritage who have rallied behind these two before … especially now that one of them has a new computer.

UPDATE: Her response? “Ho hum.” Well, that’s how one Confederate heritage blogger might put it. In truth, she also declares:

Sooooo, the recent furor in the floggosphere about it is just much ado about little, or nothing. They only showcased it to indulge in the misleading flogger practice of finding negative comments made by one, two or an handful of people and then attempting to smear the Virginia Flaggers, the SHPG, the SCV, the UDC, the Southern heritage community and the entire white South with it.

Note that none of these groups was mentioned in my post. Note also that she shows no objection to the comments made. Of course, you know why that is. Of course you do. That’s right. Absolutely.