Another Flagger Supporter … Another Racist?

The Virginia Flaggers have proudly embraced Confederate heritage blogger Jerry Dunford as one of their own, and he in turn has celebrated their cause with some powerful prose (if that’s what you think typing in ALL CAPS means).

So what did Jerry have to say about black people recently?

Abraham Lincoln , did not like blacks, did you know this, and he wanted them gone from our American soil. He wanted them some way exported back to Africa, and I agree with he desires, as I think he was correct in his thinking, as the Black man in general is a troublemaker, and has harmed the cultures of every nation they have existed in. Progress in any black land is at a standstill, disease is higher, culture is shameful, unwed motherhood, fatherless children, and crime is much higher than in non black nations, and those that have very few black citizens. Ask the Pope, as God, use facts, not opinions, and you will see this is true, and Lincoln was correct in his observation then, just as Thomas Jefferson and others had observed and so stated many years prior to Lincoln. I wish this was not true, but it is.

This doesn’t sound much different than Connie Chastain, who helps the Flaggers with their website. Heck, Jerry’s about as articulate as Connie. And, so long as the Flaggers welcome such support, it’s reasonable to conclude that they really don’t mind these sorts of expressions … and some may actually agree with them.

Maybe that’s what they really mean by “restore the honor” …

Confederates, Nazis, and Obama Haters: Who Links Them Together?

Why, I’ll show you:

Hall FB page

That’s right … and see this explanation from our hero:


I doubt David Grove will link to this one, either. 🙂

Note: Seems Mr. Grove now knows that just because he won’t link to something doesn’t mean it’s not circulated …
Grove Hall
He can now return to moderating a Facebook group that’s as much about conservative politics as it is about a slice of the Confederate heritage movement.