Confederates, Nazis, and Obama Haters: Who Links Them Together?

Why, I’ll show you:

Hall FB page

That’s right … and see this explanation from our hero:


I doubt David Grove will link to this one, either. 🙂

Note: Seems Mr. Grove now knows that just because he won’t link to something doesn’t mean it’s not circulated …
Grove Hall
He can now return to moderating a Facebook group that’s as much about conservative politics as it is about a slice of the Confederate heritage movement.


4 thoughts on “Confederates, Nazis, and Obama Haters: Who Links Them Together?

  1. Al Mackey April 14, 2014 / 10:45 am

    I wonder if the links to the flaggers will be severed, too.

  2. taxsanity April 14, 2014 / 2:38 pm

    How can this be otherwise? WE have allowed the most bizzare narrative of Southern “heritage” and honor not only to go unchecked, we have “mainstream historians” praising men who had slave girls tortured, sold children, committed treason, and claimed God ordained it. WE have never included, in any US text book, any mention of Southern war ultimatums to spread slavery by force AGAINST states rights — which they repudiated when Kansas rejected slavery by three different votes.

    We refuse to even mention what Southern leaders at the time bragged about, shouted about, and wrote in official documents — documents they intended to explain to history why they were spreading slavery, why they demanded slavery be spread by force, and why it didn’t matter what Kansas wanted, they (slave masters) would tell Kansas what it must do — it must respect and protect slaves because blacks were “inferior beings” ordained by God to be punished.

    When you have leaders of the COnfederacy, bragging, over and over, in context, that they were formed to spread slavery of the inferior race because God wanted that, and you dont even mention it, what are the low info folks supposed to think?

    When you build up men who enjoyed watching slave girls whipped — like Lee did — and scream at them during torture, as anti slavery and kind, there are consequences to such nonsense.

    Don’t blame the low info folks, who only know what they are told. Blame the “reasonable balanced” approach that is actually pandering to Orwellian BS put out by slave apologists.

    It is literally — literally — impossible to know what went on leading up to the Civil War if you go by our text books. In fact, US text books tell you nonsense. Only if you take the time and bother to read — yourself — SOuthern documents, newspapers, books, from 1840 -1861, could you begin to grasp it.

    We only know what we are told. ANd the telling of slavery and the lead up to the CIvil War, is so bad, so whitewashed, for 100 years, that when you read the South’s own leaders bragging out the petunia that their nation is based on the great moral truth that God is punishing the black inferior race, and that blacks are not even human, not persons, but have no more rights than a cow, you wonder if someone made it up to make Confederate leaders look bad.

    In short, quit blaming the low info boys. The problem IMHO is the Orwellian double speak by “historians” who were apparently always afraid, since 1900 or so, to offend Southern lunatics who were praising the slave masters.

  3. Ethan April 17, 2014 / 6:10 am

    He knows the GErmans lost, right?

    • jfepperson April 17, 2014 / 7:12 am

      I wouldn’t be too sure of that …

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