A Connie Chastain Primer

For those of you seeking Connie Chastain’s views on a number of historical issues, I have just the solution: what Connie has said about various across the blogosphere.

Here’s Connie on Hollywood and slavery on a post describing how Leonardo diCaprio felt about portraying a slaveholder in Django Unchained: Connie defends slaveryHere she is defending the Southern Nationalist Network: Connie on the SNN Here she is characterizing abolitionists: Connie on abolitionists Here she is on racial conflict and Reconstruction: Connie on Reconstruction Here she is on the cause of the war: Connie on why there was a awar Here she is on how the North could have freed the slaves: Connie on how to end slavery Here she is on why the Confederate flag was once not controversial: Connie on the flag Here she is on the left and fathers: Connie on the left and fathers You might find this discussion revealing. Notice any familiar patterns?

Now, for those of you interested in such things, Connie often repeats the same sort of claims. She denounces the United States for having no moral right to invade the Confederacy; she has a list of cities and towns destroyed by the evil Yankees during the war; and she likes to quote Julia Ward Howe on race. Those curious about such rants can explore the internet on their own.

It’s generally conceded that Connie Chastain has issues, to be kind. Yet this is the person who sometimes poses as the spokesperson of a certain Confederate heritage group. We’ve paid attention to her recently (perhaps too much in the eyes of some) to give folks a taste of exactly what sort of person she is. Her own blog displays an increasing sense of desperation and bitterness, now verging into fantasies about violence and victimization.

This is the person the Virginia Flaggers trust with their blog. They have no problem with what she believes. Remember that the next time they tell you that it is heritage, not hate.

Connie Chastain Tries To Sell A Book Idea

Even I was a bit taken aback to read this declaration on a sidebar at Connie Chastain’s blog Backsass (a.k.a. the longest love letter ever written):

Connie is sick

Oh, my.

At first, this made absolutely no sense, except to exhibit just how sick and strange Connie Chastain is. After all, who else would think these sorts of things, and who else would display such bizarre logic?

Then I remembered who was really interested in this story line all along:

Connie CoverThat’s right … Connie Chastain (who recently decided to remove these posts from Backsass to place on her other blog, 180 Degrees True South).

Here’s what she said when she announced the book concept:

Connie Cover Book

That’s right … she thinks writing about attempts to commit violent acts on Confederate heritage advocates would be “fuh-huh-hunnnn to write.”

You can read more about Connie’s fantasies of violence here, here, here, and here.

In short, the only person who contemplates seeing physical harm done to Confederate heritage advocates is someone who hopes to make money off writing about that idea.

Wonder what she’ll do to realize that goal?