Embracing Racism

During the past week we saw some folks rush to embrace a fellow in Nevada ¬†who wanted to graze his cattle on someone else’s property without paying for it. Supposedly, he was a hero for standing up to the evil federal government.

That sounded all fine and good for those folks who like that sort of thing … that is, until the rancher in question began sharing his thoughts about blacks and slavery. Then the ranks of the cheerleaders thinned quickly. Those folks didn’t want to be associated with racism.

Not everyone responds to racism in the same way, however. Take this example from the president of the League of the South, Michael Hill, as featured on Andy Hall’s Dead Confederates blog:

Michael Hill ... via Dead Confederates.
Michael Hill … via Dead Confederates.

Oh my.

You would think that high-minded advocates of Confederate heritage, people who argue that they aren’t racists, would drop Mr. Hill like a hot potato. So let’s see who he counts among his Facebook friends this morning:

Hill Hall

Hill Heimbach

Hill Hines

Come on … no surprises there. Heimbach, Hall, and Hines are all like-minded fellows when it comes to race.

But wait … there’s more …

Hill Tatum

David Tatum! Tsk, tsk, David.

And just as amusing …

Hill Rowen

Why, Carl! Didn’t expect to see you here (sarcasm alert). After all, didn’t you just declare …

Hill Roden 2

I guess Mr. Hill isn’t really the enemy, eh, Carl? Talk about being a Denier …

You can pretty much guess who comes next … the person who says she really doesn’t like the League of the South really likes Mr. Hill … twice, in fact …

Hill Chastain

Sweet, sweet Connie

And, back from the missing at the VMFA sidewalk, we find a familiar face in Mr. Hill’s friends list …

Hill Hathaway

Right there, is also the head of the nation’s leading Confederate heritage group (no, not you, Susan) …

Hill Givens

So y’all continue to stand by your man, folks. Just like you did with Matthew Heimbach.

UPDATE: Someone asked where Billy Bearden was. Right where you would expect him to be:

Hill Bearden

Note: Several commenters seem transfixed by the Bundy case. Reread what I said. I note no one has stood up and defended Mr. Hill and his friends, however. Let’s keep our eye on the ball.