Quote of the Week: April 20-26, 2014

This week’s quote comes to us courtesy of Valerie┬áProtopapas of Huntington Station, New York:

Frankly, MLK was right (for once) when he said (at least to his WHITE audiences) that it was not the color of skin that mattered but the content of character. Problem is, using that criteria alone, blacks have a BIG problem these days.

Now, some here might say that this isn’t racist, but I beg to disagree. No worries: next time someone reminds you that racism is not simply a southern thing, you can agree by citing this quote from a Long Islander who just happens to be a Confederate heritage advocate.

Wonder what she thinks when she walks down Main Street in Huntington and sees this:


Trashing George Thomas

Thomas the TraitorOh my. I didn’t know Thomas swore an oath of loyalty to Virginia …I always thought it was to the United States.

It’s also hard to see how this strained argument does not make the concession that Lee and Jackson were in fact traitors. One could argue that while Lee and Jackson were traitors, Thomas was not. However, if you argue that Thomas was a traitor, you have to concede that Lee and Jackson were traitors. So there is a silver lining here.