Quote of the Week: May 11-17, 2014

This is incredible … and incredibly funny:

Kevin Levin is representative of a certain faction of Civil War enthusiasts which would like to avoid a lot of issues about the Civil War. So it is instructive to observe him. As the the issues of historical memory regarding the Civil War move into the future he is reacting to it and his blog postings are very revealing. I next hope to blog on his coverage of the opposition to neo-Confederacy at Washington and Lee University by African American students. It is both hilarious and revealing.

Personally, I think this quote is hilarious. It’s quite revealing that it comes from Edward “no one is as pure as me” Sebesta. You know, the man who didn’t want his book considered for a prize. The guy who despises the very flag he used on the cover of his book for marketing purposes. The guy who really, really needs attention.

Congratulations, Kevin.



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