Quote of the Week: July 20-26, 2014

Since I’ve already highlighted the prose of Brandon Dorsey, I’ll go with this:

Our heritage is in the hands of our enemies, who are determined to erase it — enemies who hate us.

It’s enough to bring on projectile vomiting.

Fire away. It’s not as if you’ll hit anything but your keyboard.


A Fine Mind at Work: Connie Chastain Bleats Again

Kevin Levin’s raised some interesting points about both the ruckus and the rally at Washington and Lee this weekend. His argument is a simple one: the rally won’t achieve anything, and the ruckus reminds us that some white people, for all their talk about black Confederates, cannot abide the racial identity of the members of The Committee who initiated the discussion that led to a change of policy at the Lee Chapel.

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More on the Kidnapping of Lilly Baumann

Here’s a media report from May 2014 on the kidnapping.

And you can see where the Virginia Flaggers, described as a “cult,” are included in this report last month on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s HLN show.


Another blog reviewing the situation can be found here.

Yes, I know … the Flaggers and their surrogates will go after me again about this. However, social media’s an important way to get out word about this kidnapping. That the Flaggers object to that is sadly typical of the group’s values.

You would think they would try to help out.

UPDATE: Courtesy of Eric Wittenberg, another story, featuring Lilly surrounded by ammunition.

Reunited at Lexington

Lexington va 072614This afternoon a number of Confederate heritage groups gathered at Lexington, Virginia, to protest Washington and Lee’s new policy on the display of Confederate flags at Lee Chapel and the Lee family crypt. Although the Sons of Confederate Veterans took the lead in calling for action, other groups, including the Virginia Flaggers, quickly played catch-up. Other groups joined in the movement, including — surprise! — our white supremacist friends at Occidental Dissent and the League of the South.

An estimated three hundred people appeared. Make of that what you will.

One expects that local media will cover the event (lots of Confederate flags always makes for good press and good TV): we’ll see how disciplined and focused these groups are in delivering a message.

However, if what’s happened in the past is any indication, everything will be back to normal by Monday.

Ben Jones Takes Charge of the SCV’s Image

As all eyes turn to Lexington, Virginia, for tomorrow’s protest against the decision of Washington and Lee University concerning the display of Confederate flags in the Lee Chapel and Crypt, the Sons of Confederate Veterans has moved quickly to repair a serious image problem. The national organization would prefer to have the experienced Ben Jones speak for the organization over the rather mercurial Brandon Dorsey.

Here’s Jones’s first message concerning the events on Saturday:

Ben Jones Takes OverSimply put, this is heads and shoulders above this:

Dorsey WhinesUnderstanding that his initial statement opened the SCV to ridicule, Dorsey attempted to modify his statement, with scant success:
Dorsey Strike TwoIt’s a safe bet that the SCV’s national leadership realizes how Dorsey’s proclamations offer ample opportunity to ridicule the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Jones will make no such mistake. Still, as Jones, a political veteran, knows, if the function of his new job is to put lipstick on a pig, it will not take long for people to figure that out. After all, you don’t want this to be the face of Saturday’s meeting:

Jennings Flags WLU I wish Ben Jones the best of luck. He has his work cut out for him.



A Good Old Boy Will Defend Confederate Heritage

Remember Cooter from The Dukes of Hazzard?

Of course you do. He was played by actor Ben Jones, who later served in Congress.

Jones is also an advocate of Confederate heritage, having participated in the fight to preserve the old General Lee from being obliterated by the evil forces that be in Yankeefied NASCAR. This cost him some friends.

Well, guess what he’ll do now?

Cooter Defends Confederate HeritageIt just gets better every minute.


Protecting General Lee

This word comes from Washington and Lee University:

WLU 07242104

Brandon Dorsey of the SCV offers this response:

Dorsey Whines

Ah, yes … when I think of Confederate heritage advocates my first thought is to compare them to the advocates of the Civil Rights movement.

Don’t you see how this …

… is just like this?

Jennings Flags WLU

Or that this …

is just like this?

Oops ha ha

Or that this …

… is just like this?

Sure you do.