Is the Washington & Lee University Controversy Over?

Kevin Levin has been assiduously covering a story coming out of Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, where a group of students, styling themselves “The Committee,” made several demands of the university administration concerning that institution’s links to the Confederacy, Robert E. Lee (who served as the institution’s president between 1865 and his death in 1870), and Lee Chapel, where the general’s body is entombed. Recently the university administration offered its response to these demands, and many people have found their proposals reasonable.

A few remain unhappy, of course, and no one more so that good old Jerry Dunford, a supporter of the Virginia Flaggers and a go-to resource on the Facebook group Dixie Talk & News, where Carl Roden often endorses his sentiments (although he’s been very careful not to endorse this particular post). Here’s what Jerry has to say, and these statements stand out:

These bastards, the blacks students as well as the University leaders who made this agreement should all be sent packing and replaced with people who have character and a backbone.This step by freaking step to erase our Southern history, culture and to convert our facilities into desecrated places that indicate no connection to the past they are connected to historically, is wrong, and we need to oppose this.

Like many other Flaggers, Jerry has a way with words. I guess the settlement involving the return of a real Confederate flag that Lee himself may have seen over cheap replicas turns the general’s final resting place into a “desecrated” place.

I can see it now: “Restore the Honor! Return the Replicas!”

But that’s not all …

These black students voluntarily went to W&L, and for them to demand such was wrong of them, if they don’t like something, then go some place else, and also wrong was the leaders to give in to these troublemakers. I urge you, to tell as many people that this is the new W&L, and not to send sons and daughters to a University ran by cowards.

I think that students who attend W&L should be privileged over a ranting old bigot when it comes to what goes on at W&L. Moreover, if Jerry doesn’t like it, he can follow his own advice and leave Virginia.

It seems rather important to Jerry to note that the students are black.

We have still to hear from The Committee. But we have already heard from another one of the usual suspects:

W&L Flagger Two W&L Flaggers one

No word yet on whether Susan Hathaway will make an appearance at Washington & Lee … and you can ask the folks at Glavé and Holmes why. Since this project is finished, maybe she’ll be a bit braver than she currently is when it comes to flagging the VMFA.

I’ll leave it to others to follow this story in detail. But it’s nice to know that some things never change.