An Interview With Brandon Hicks

Here, for your perusal, is an interview with Brandon Hicks, a member of The Committee that has received so much attention in connection with recent events at Washington & Lee University.


One thought on “An Interview With Brandon Hicks

  1. Jimmy Dick July 16, 2014 / 4:40 pm

    For a group that is alleged to be subversive radicals that didn’t sound radical at all. It read like a well educated young man stating his opinion about certain things that promote racism. I’m sure those that label this group radical and subversive will disagree, but are they not promoting racism through their glorification of a nation built upon the cornerstone of slavery? Until that group addresses the fact that slavery was the reason some states attempted to leave the United States, and realizes that their actions involve using symbols of racism, that group will be left behind as the rest of this nation continues to take actions to end racism in the United States.

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