Sonny Scroggins and … Black Confederates

One C. E. “Sonny” Scroggins of Kansas doesn’t want you to get mad about the flying of the Confederate battle flag. Or so we learn from multiple Confederate heritage sites who have latched on to this story.

You’ll find the usual tale of blacks fighting for both sides here, as well as a good deal of “the North did it too.”

Mind you, he has pushed for people to remember the service of black Union soldiers, especially from Kansas.

Sonny Scroggins is an active activist, it seems. But I don’t think the Confederate heritage activists who rush to embrace him right now would be happy with this.

Then again, one might want to check what they intended to do with the proceeds of a 1998 fund-raising venture. Ever wonder why those black soldiers rested in an unmarked grave? Ever learn what happened at Poison Springs?


One thought on “Sonny Scroggins and … Black Confederates

  1. neukomment July 20, 2014 / 10:11 am

    Jim Lane, the old “Grim Chieftan” Jayhawker is rolling over in his grave…. probably laughing….

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