Coming Attractions: Confrontation at Lexington

Well , just as I thought, the Virginia Flaggers made a big deal about how a single Flagger rushed to Lexington to claim “First!” in flagging Washington and Lee University to protest the university’s decision to remove replica Confederate flags from Lee Chapel while displaying real Confederate flags by the crypt containing the bodies of Robert E. Lee and members of his family.

Va Flaggers first Least

I guess what Billy Bearden is saying is that if 2,439 Flaggers don’t show up, the Flaggers’ commitment is flagging.

Yes, that Billy Bearden. The man who speculates about violence against people with whom he doesn’t agree.

Restore the Honor! Return the Replicas!

However, the article in question comes close to ignoring the Flaggers altogether (and omits mentioning them by name). However, it does mention Grayson Jennings’s appearance … kinda:

At least one flag-bearing vigilante has been noted since Ruscio’s announcement.

“I have observed a man carrying a large Confederate flag on the public sidewalks adjacent to campus. Other university employees tell me he has simply greeted passersby. The Office of Admission tells me that no one has been following tours on campus,” Eckert said.

A “flag-bearing vigilante”? Really? That’s funny.

It should be an interesting weekend in Lexington.


One thought on “Coming Attractions: Confrontation at Lexington

  1. Rosemary Kubera July 23, 2014 / 5:25 pm

    Back in the day before I took any interest in the Civil War, my family stopped in and toured Lexington. It is a great little town. The Lee Chapel, however, creeped me out…(so did the horse bones)…. I attribute my reaction to cultural preference… To me, the Lee honors felt “foreign.”…. no doubt I’m dense. I’ve heard tell I can be dense….. Since I’ve taken up interest in the war era I still don’t comprehend a chapel and tomb used as a lecture site…. it is a perpetual funeral stage set, imo. . (Actual flag in there is a good idea.. .. seems only feasible idea…. new-made flags don’t work because there is no confederacy…..A flag fits – it is museum’y ) I realize I’m saying something negative about a memorial many hold dear. At base, I want to understand this style of more-than-a-gravesite….Lost cause be damned. I don’t get it.

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