Update: Kidnapping Story

You may recall that a person associated with the Virginia Flaggers has been charged with kidnapping her daughter in violation of court orders. I’ve posted about this story before here and here.

The person, one Megan Elizabeth Everett, is currently wanted by the FBI. Her daughter’s name is Lilly Abigail Baumann.

Everett has taken her daughter to several events attended by Flaggers, where they have been in the company of one C. C. Lesters, who has commented here and elsewhere as a proud Flagger.

Lesters 0ne Lesters three Lesters two

Among the Flaggers who know Lesters are Susan Hathaway and Grayson Jennings, who reported yesterday that he was camping with Lesters.

It is to be hoped that the Flaggers, many of whom know Lilly, cooperate with the ongoing search for her.

7 thoughts on “Update: Kidnapping Story

  1. Al Mackey July 22, 2014 / 12:20 pm

    The FBI agents shouldn’t hold their breaths waiting for the flaggers to give any cooperation with the law.

  2. Brooks D. Simpson July 22, 2014 / 4:56 pm

    As one might suspect, Connie Chastain and Carl Roden are aghast by this post … Carl going so far as to say it’s slanderous. I guess he’s never understood the notion that truth isn’t slander.

    Carl complains: “He has absolutely no proof the VAFlaggers had anything at all to do with the disappearance of those two people.” Never said that, Carl. Are you saying that the Flaggers don’t know these people? Really? Want more evidence?

    You would think these folks would be interested in the welfare of the kidnapped child. They aren’t. You would think they would endeavor to do what they could with their friends, who have met and spent time with the woman and child. They won’t.

    And that, folks, should tell you all you need to know about Connie Chastain and Carl Roden … and their priorities.

  3. Al Mackey July 22, 2014 / 5:33 pm

    Mr. Rodent is apparently not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and we all know about our good friend Connie. And you’re quite right. They only care about defending other neoconfederates.

    • Brooks D. Simpson July 22, 2014 / 10:19 pm

      Both Carl and Connie are as concerned for the kidnapper as they are for the kidnapped child.

  4. The other Susan July 23, 2014 / 2:30 am

    Lilly Abigail Baumann(Everett) was reported missing on Tuesday, May 13th 2014. Her father, Robert Baumann, had dropped her off to her mother, Megan Everett, at her home at 11910 NW 33rd St Sunrise, Fl the previous Tuesday, as per their court-ordered custody arrangement. When he went knocked on the door, he was met by Megan’s boyfriend, Carlos Lesters(aka CC Lesters, aka Ace Adkins, aka Jefferson Davis(on FB)). Carlos told him that Megan had moved, and slammed the door in his face.
    Robert immediately called the police. The Sunrise PD responded, and searched the house. They found that all of Lilly and Megan’s belongings and furniture had been removed. Megan had left a note to Carlos, stating that she loved him and would miss him, but she couldn’t let “them take her(Lilly) and vaccinate her and brainwash her” and that she couldn’t allow a judge to tell her how to raise her daughter. She also mentioned that she thought Lilly and herself would be better off with her family. This note was a deliberate attempt to lead the investigation away from Carlos, and keep them occupied with Megan’s relatives, all of whom she had cut out of her life upon becoming involved with Carlos.
    Megan and Carlos first met when he was dating a friend of Megan’s brother. Carlos cheated on said girlfriend with Megan, and about a month later, they moved in together.
    Upon becoming involved with Carlos, Megan began cutting off friends and family members and adopting his extreme views, many of which she had opposed her entire life.
    ****I want to make it clear that this is NOT a political group, and we are open to any and all opinions and ways of life. *****
    Carlos is a gun enthusiast, which is, in itself, not a problem. The problem stems from his lack of regard for safety. Carlos and Megan posted several photos of an INFANT Lilly playing with boxes of ammo. They posted photos of Lilly sitting within reach of a gun, and have several guns in their home WHERE A TODDLER WAS LIVING, that are not locked up.
    Carlos and Megan also posted photos of Lilly passed out sleeping on a tile floor, next to a case of beer. They post photos of her sleeping with captions such as “dead baby” and “she wouldn’t calm down, so I just sprayed her with the windex”, as well as calling her a “retard.”
    Carlos is a racist, and discriminates against and promotes hate for anyone who is different from him. All of which would be evident had he not VERY RECENTLY deleted all of his facebook accounts.
    Carlos and Megan are connected to the Confederate group Virginia Flaggers, led by Susan Frise Hathaway, who you can look up on facebook. The purpose of this group, on paper, is to promote awareness of the confederacy, and restore use of the Confederate flag to locations important to them. Again, freedom of speech, no problems… until you scan through the members facebook pages and realize that they promote discrimination and hate. In addition, Carlos and Megan(and sometimes ONLY CARLOS) have taken Lilly out of state to Virginia Flagger events, without Roberts knowledge, and even after they were court ordered not to.
    Carlos and the Virginia Flaggers are also associated with the Confederate group, Sons of Confederate Veterans. Again, on paper this is a harmless “heritage” group. But if you dig deeper, research will reveal that several of this groups members have left over the past few years, due to growing extremism, racism, and secrecy among the groups leaders.
    It is highly likely that Susan Hathaway(whom Lilly will call aunt Susan if you show her a picture) and the members of her group have knowledge of Lilly’s whereabouts.
    We also have reason to believe that Megan’s last known employer, Tip Top Canvas in Hollywood Florida and their owners, Anita and David Crosby, have knowledge of Megan and Lilly’s whereabouts. Anita and David are(were) old family friends, whose children grew up with Megan and her siblings. They gave Megan a job days before her court date with Robert to determine custody, so that it would look like she could support Lilly. They used foul language with and hung up on Robert’s attorney when she attempted to make contact with them. In addition, the note Megan left for Carlos was written on the back of a photo of Megan as a child standing in front of the former home of Anita Crosby. Anita Crosby even went as far as to leave rude comments on Megan’s mother’s facebook page, after the shared custody ruling had been made.
    Carlos has family in his hometown of Hahira, GA, as well as his mother Renee Richardson, in Louisville, Kentucky.
    Their Flagger friends are based out of Virginia.
    Megan has family(who she isn’t likely to reach out to, but is still worth mentioning) in North Carolina.
    Then there is always the possibility that they are still hiding in Florida.
    The Fl tag 421 MLE is registered to Megan, and she may be driving a silver Saturn.
    Thank you for taking the time to read! Every little bit helps!!!!!


  5. Rosemary Kubera July 23, 2014 / 4:52 pm

    Time for comment from the FBI, seems like.

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