More on the Kidnapping of Lilly Baumann

Here’s a media report from May 2014 on the kidnapping.

And you can see where the Virginia Flaggers, described as a “cult,” are included in this report last month on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s HLN show.


Another blog reviewing the situation can be found here.

Yes, I know … the Flaggers and their surrogates will go after me again about this. However, social media’s an important way to get out word about this kidnapping. That the Flaggers object to that is sadly typical of the group’s values.

You would think they would try to help out.

UPDATE: Courtesy of Eric Wittenberg, another story, featuring Lilly surrounded by ammunition.

Reunited at Lexington

Lexington va 072614This afternoon a number of Confederate heritage groups gathered at Lexington, Virginia, to protest Washington and Lee’s new policy on the display of Confederate flags at Lee Chapel and the Lee family crypt. Although the Sons of Confederate Veterans took the lead in calling for action, other groups, including the Virginia Flaggers, quickly played catch-up. Other groups joined in the movement, including — surprise! — our white supremacist friends at Occidental Dissent and the League of the South.

An estimated three hundred people appeared. Make of that what you will.

One expects that local media will cover the event (lots of Confederate flags always makes for good press¬†and good TV): we’ll see how disciplined and focused these groups are in delivering a message.

However, if what’s happened in the past is any indication, everything will be back to normal by Monday.