More on the Kidnapping of Lilly Baumann

Here’s a media report from May 2014 on the kidnapping.

And you can see where the Virginia Flaggers, described as a “cult,” are included in this report last month on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s HLN show.


Another blog reviewing the situation can be found here.

Yes, I know … the Flaggers and their surrogates will go after me again about this. However, social media’s an important way to get out word about this kidnapping. That the Flaggers object to that is sadly typical of the group’s values.

You would think they would try to help out.

UPDATE: Courtesy of Eric Wittenberg, another story, featuring Lilly surrounded by ammunition.

5 thoughts on “More on the Kidnapping of Lilly Baumann

  1. Bert July 27, 2014 / 3:55 am

    Goodness, you’ve got everyone who knows the situation including the grandmother pointing out that this woman is acting crazy, violating the law (as well as rules of decent parenting), and quite possibly putting the child in danger. Yet some folks who don’t know the father are lining up behind the woman and making prejudicial statements about him in one comments section. The fugitive mother even stated in writing, “You are a great dad.”

    And yes, the anti-vaccination garbage has been totally refuted.

    There was a rather ironic moment when one interviewee said she saw “red flags all over the place.” The unintentional (?) double meaning would not be lost on anyone here.

    I just hope it turns out ok for the kid’s sake.

    • Brooks D. Simpson July 27, 2014 / 6:07 am

      One wonders why there are people who are defending the kidnapper and attacking those who want to find the child. Note that the Flaggers, who are in a fairly good position to help, have declined to assist on social media, while their mouthpieces (Chastain, Roden, Grove, Tatum) are furious about efforts to publicize the kidnapping.

      It’s a glimpse into the dark hearts and empty souls of some people.

      Let’s just hope that Lilly is safe and that she will be found. Her father has rights.

      • Rosemary Kubera July 27, 2014 / 10:48 am

        Is not failing to report location of a kidnapped child the very second one becomes aware of the child’s location obstruction of justice? Man! I hope the FBI has interviewed people photographed with the mother and child. People who know and won’t tell should be arrested. Are children kidnapped in custody disputes not a high priority for law enforcement? Maybe this is how the FBI doesn’t operate?? No, I can’t believe that.

  2. Joshism July 27, 2014 / 7:00 am

    “And you can see where the Virginia Flaggers, described as a “cult,” are included in this report last month on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s HLN show.”

    I have no love for the Flaggers, but a source as sensationalistic as HLN describing a group as a “cult” doesn’t mean much.

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