A Fine Mind at Work: Connie Chastain Bleats Again

Kevin Levin’s raised some interesting points about both the ruckus and the rally at Washington and Lee this weekend. His argument is a simple one: the rally won’t achieve anything, and the ruckus reminds us that some white people, for all their talk about black Confederates, cannot abide the racial identity of the members of The Committee who initiated the discussion that led to a change of policy at the Lee Chapel.

It is a fitting sign of the mindlessness of certain Confederate heritage advocates that our favorite ebook romance writer and dust jacket designer took it upon herself to take a swing at Kevin. Here’s what she had to say about Kevin’s response to the rally:

Fine Mind

Well, let’s review.

Connie Chastain’s not in the SCV. In fact, Flagger Tripp Lewis was ejected from the SCV for his behavior. So, all you folks who don’t belong to the SCV, stand aside: Connie Chastain says you have no business in this matter. Capisce?

Connie Chastain’s not a student at Washington and Lee. Neither are the other familiar faces of the Virginia Flaggers. So, Susan Hathaway, Grayson Jennings, and the rest of your motley crew, step aside. According to Connie Chastain, this is none of your business. Same for you, Carl Roden and David Tatum. Same for you, Jerry Dunford and George Purvis. Just shut up and move on. Capisce?

Chastain then turns to her favorite theme: that those who disagree with her hate Confederate heritage and wish to obliterate it. Kevin’s said no such thing (he’s said quite the opposite), but Chastain’s a master at lying in the pursuit of her sit down spite activism (her sit downs are in front of her monitor … you won’t see Connie Chastain take to the front lines). She whines that Kevin hates Confederate heritage advocates. This is par for the course.

We don’t even have to ask whether any Flagger is a member of the faculty or the administration at WLU … fat chance. However, it looks as if the ever-present Susan Hathaway was once again never-present at a critical event. Did Glave and Holmes say something to her? Well, Grayson Jennings was there. No one cared.

Some of these folks live in Virginia, although none live in Lexington … and we all know that Connie lives in Florida. So this is none of your business, Connie. Shut up. Capisce?

I’ll remind you that by the very rules Connie Chastain sets up, The Committee has every right to express its sentiments. They are students at WLU. Connie seems disturbed by that. Perhaps she finds them “uppity,” to use a word other whites have used to describe black assertiveness. It’s all “spite activism” to her, even when she can’t figure out who they are — although it is funny to see Connie rant on about anyone being spiteful.

There’s a reason people don’t take Confederate heritage advocates seriously and why they laugh at the Virginia Flaggers or mock them as a cult … and that the Flaggers continue to employ Connie Chastain to carry their message goes a long way to explaining why.



3 thoughts on “A Fine Mind at Work: Connie Chastain Bleats Again

  1. Spelunker July 27, 2014 / 10:00 am

    “Dust jacket designer”. That about sums it up.

  2. Sandi Saunders July 27, 2014 / 3:25 pm

    I think her sophistry is perfect for the VA Flaggers. She makes them appear to be just what many Southerners see them as, anti-government, secesh flaggers, not honoring but hiding behind the South. The best thing the SCV could ever do is to eradicate more people with militant, racist, insulting and absolutely not Southern bearing and keep them far, far away.

  3. Brooks D. Simpson July 27, 2014 / 5:40 pm

    Before launching on her usual diatribe, Connie announces: “Boy, do I know how to get Brooks Simpson steaming!”

    Not in your wildest fantasies, Connie. But at least we know know what they are.

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