Quote of the Week, July 27-August 2, 2014

This week offered a rather tough choice. First, Barry Isenhour confirms what some of us thought all along about what motivates the Virginia Flaggers.

“There are all kinds of people who threaten us, who literally call our employers, slander us in the press and stuff,” Isenhour said. “It’s sad to say, but there are a lot of people out there who have hate in their heart.”

Have the Flaggers and their supporters threatened people they don’t like? Check. Have they contacted employers? Check. Have they slandered us? Check. So, if Barry’s right, people who do that have hate in their heart. That’s folks, motivates the Flaggers and their supporters to attack people they don’t like … by a Flagger’s own admission, it seems.

That’s sad, but we appreciate the candor.

More amusing is something from none other than Susan Hathaway, long the spokesperson for the Virginia Flaggers. You may recall that once upon a time Susan walked the sidewalks outside the Confederate War Memorial Chapel at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art. She’s no longer visible. I wonder why …

Anyway, Susan was very upset with Dixie News & Talk’s David Grove for sharing my poll asking people to share their opinion on what the WLU administration proposes to do at Lee Chapel.
Susan Goes Nuts 2 That’s right, Susan … it’s all a trick! David Grove is simply a mole supporting the anti-Flagger movement.

It’s only fair to explain the trick.

See, I put up a poll knowing that many, many Confederate heritage sites would link to it, thus drawing many people to my blog (where, among other things, they’d see a picture of Susan holding a child who is now missing). Then I would gather all their IP information and know everything about them. Yup, that was the idea. It was a great information-gathering technique, and everyone fell for it …

… or at least that is what I wanted Susan to think. In truth, I knew she’d explode all over the place, suspect the deepest and darkest of motives, and go so far as to attack Grove himself … thus revealing that I do indeed live rent-free in her head (it’s very roomy).

Didn’t see that one coming, did you, Susan?

By the way … did you enjoy Kevin Levin’s talk? I won’t ask whether you learned anything, or why your favorite photographers weren’t there to record the encounter. After all, it’s heritage, not history, and as Barry reminds us, people who act like you do have hate in their heart.

Note: Whipped puppy that he is, Mr. Grove hastened to remove the post. Guess he’s a little paranoid, too, and he has a room to rent for free. It’s upstairs.

UPDATE: Guess Susan Hathaway had to call on her heavy hitter to make things right:

Connie ReturnsPoor David Grove. He didn’t follow orders.


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