The Decline and Fall of Dixie News and Talk

It’s not been a good week for the Virginia Flaggers and their supporters. After issuing a call to action to protest the actions of Washington and Lee University concerning the display of Confederate flags at the Lee Chapel in September (pending an assessment of bathroom facilities), they found themselves reduced to near-invisibility at the Sons of Confederate Veterans’ rally on July 26. Their lame attempt to establish an earlier presence left them open to mockery, while no one saw the likes of Susan Hathaway or Tripp Lewis walking the sidewalks of Lexington: just Grayson Jennings taking pictures and pretending that the Flaggers appeared in force (they were outnumbered by supporters of the League of the South).

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The League of the South on the Lee Chapel Dispute

You can read what Michael Hill has to say right here.

29 July 2014

For immediate release

Re: A statement on the situation at Washington and Lee University

The League of the South does not wish to reason nor seek brotherhood with the broad forces responsible for removing the St. Andrews cross from Lee Chapel at Washington and Lee University. Nor will we call them bigots or accuse them of not understanding the South.

Rather we Southern nationalists seek only their destruction as we would any pest that threatens our people and our land. We call them one thing and one thing only: enemy. And we care not one iota whether they understand the South or not. For the South belongs to us and we are here to claim our birthright.

We can promise them and their allies this. That their campaign to destroy our culture and its images will be taken as a campaign to destroy our blood. It is a war they have started but one we will finish, God willing. By the grace of Almighty Providence we will banish them and their godless kind from our land as a householder banishes rats from his steading.

On this they have our solemn promise made under our banner, the Black Cross.

On behalf of the board, staff, and membership of The League of the South,
I am,

Michael Hill, President

I think this speaks for itself.