Privileging Sensibilities

People know that I view the phrase “politically correct” in all its forms and variations as intellectually bankrupt. Once upon a time I recall that people who used the term did so to encourage others to be aware of the implications of language. Now it is used negatively as criticism: to bow to political correctness is to give in to the sensibilities of a particular group in ways that the critic finds nonsensical or cowardly. In short, it’s become a buzz term that can mean anything but often doesn’t mean very much at all, and its uses as a sort of rhetorical shorthand that allows the user to evade offering a more precise meaning. As an attack term, it also allows the user to avoid defending whatever he or she espouses.

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Connie Chastain Hits David Grove

It’s good to see Connie Chastain come out of the closet swinging.


Connie used to have trouble admitting her association with the Virginia Flaggers. She’s no longer ashamed. And it’s wonderful to see her working hard with Photoshop, even if the illustration suggests that she represents herself away from her keyboard for once.

And who was Connie’s first victim? David Grove, formerly of Dixie News and Talk:

Connie Grove

You’ll recall that this beat-down was in compliance with orders issued by the Flaggers’ own Susan Hathaway:

Susan Goes Nuts 2

With friends like these …

We await Connie’s next waffle.

As Kevin Levin so aptly put it, Connie’s simply an angry woman in front of a keyboard … and nothing more. That makes her a fitting “heavy hitter” (or is that “heavy sitter?”) for the Virginia Flaggers.