Seems Like I Struck a Nerve

Well, it appears that the League of the South now knows what the Mid-South Flaggers think of their participation in a recent event at Oxford, Mississippi.
BGriffin 01
B Griifin 02
B Griffin 03
B Griffin 04
Again, I appreciate the candor Brad Griffin and his associates display in this exchange of views … especially when it comes to H. K. Edgerton. Guess you know where you stand now, H. K.

UPDATE: I guess exposing this exchange embarrassed the League of the South, which immediately removed it from their Facebook page … just a little too late, I think.

Abandoning Emancipation? The Robinson Letter of August 17, 1864

In August 1864 Abraham Lincoln was facing what seemed to be an uphill struggle for reelection. The major military offensives of the spring had bogged down and become summer stalemates. Members of his own party denounced him, some for not being radical enough on the issue of black equality, others for his pocket veto of the Wade-Davis Bill in July. Indeed, some Republicans were scheming to replace him at the head of the Republican ticket, with a splinter effort headed by John C. Fremont already in the field. Meanwhile, Democrats assailed him for waging a war to free back people at the cost of the blood of white soldiers, including those who were imprisoned in Confederate prison camps.

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