Slavery in Jerry’s World

You just won’t believe it

Slavery, I have read so many stories, some very warm and uplifting regarding the family dynamics of slaves and the white family members, the friendships, the black slave boy and the white boy in their many adventures in the countryside, fishing, and other boyhood acts. The girls becoming friends, and the friendships through the years as the white girls married and came back for generations in friendship and interactions with the black slave family.

Wait, there’s more …

Now, Hollywood will produce a movie and show the whips and chains, BUT THIS WAS THE EXCEPTION NOT THE RULE. A beat up broken down slave was of no use to anyone, it made no sense to do these things, and slaves in Virginia from the Colonial days until emancipation were second class family members to be sure, lived and ate separate most of the time, but in private, they on may occasions had a real close slave – slave owner relationship as friends, and shared with each other, but did not want everyone to know as they would be ridiculed by neighbors and friends for doing such, but it did go on.

And so it goes.