Another Confederate Heritage Advocate Shrugs Off Violence

From the SPLC’s article on the League of the South’s violent rhetoric:

This isn’t the first time the League has flirted with southern nationalists with a calloused trigger finger, however. Michael Tubbs, a former Green Beret and demolitions expert, and another soldier robbed two fellow soldiers of their M-16 rifles at Fort Bragg, N.C. “This is for the KKK,” the holdup men shouted as they fled. Tubbs pleaded guilty to theft of government property and conspiracy to transport guns and explosives across state lines after prosecutors later discovered a weapons cache.

Tubbs is now Hill’s chief of staff.

Reaction from one of the usual suspects:

(So? And gunrunner Eric Holder is Obama’s Attorney General. Tubbs served his time, did he not?)

Sweet southern boys, indeed.

In related news … guess who’s back in the good graces of the league of the South?


Matthew Heimbach, (former?) Virginia Flagger.