Quote of the Week: September 21-27, 2014

And now, in the category of who gets the last laugh:

Broadcasters like Olbermann can’t rain on Jeter’s farewell; God already did

Surprisingly, Olbermann did not play “God agrees with me” card, but he almost did. Jeter’s defenders have accused the broadcaster of raining on the parade that is the #Season2Remember farewell tour, especially its final ceremony planned for September 25 (ironically, the day after the Yankees were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention).

New York was very much engulfed in rainstorms the day of September 25, with forecasts calling for more of the same through the final Jeter farewell game at Yankee Stadium. On this point, Olbermann couldn’t resist.

“Derek Jeter is not going to be able to make that stop,” he said by way of closing the segment.


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