Which Flag Should Fly? Or, Will the People Rule?

The Virginia Flaggers have offered photographs of a flagpole erected next to a series of markers explaining the battle of Savage’s Station, part of the Seven Days Battles, near the intersection of I-64 and I-295 east of Richmond (we have yet to see an image from the interstate, and of course this can’t be counted as an I-95 flag).

The Flaggers held a poll on which flag should fly at this location: the Army of Northern Virginia Flag or the Army of Tennessee flag (which, folks, mean they fly the navy jack associated with resistance to civil rights and human equality in the 20th century).

The poll closed on Friday, October 31. I didn’t mention it here lest someone claim that I was trying to tamper with the results.

Looks as if the ANV flag won overwhelmingly. That’s good news, if the purpose of the flag is to honor the soldiers of the Army of Northern Virginia … right?

Of course, that should be the flag flown at all the Flagger displays across the great commonwealth of Virginia. Frankly, it’s ridiculous to fly the flag of another army at such locations, if the objective is to honor heritage. That’s what I advised them to do when it came to their first flagpole enterprise.

Apparently the Flaggers’ followers agree with me. I am deeply honored.