Don’t Know Much About History

As many people have observed, for many Confederate heritage groups it is heritage, not history. Nowhere is this more evident than when one contemplates the Virginia Flaggers. Their blundering through the historical record is a marvel to behold, and their blithering idiocy is their special trademark. Take this example:

VF SCLet’s recall that Wade Hampton and the paramilitary Redshirts conducted a campaign of terrorism in 1876, featuring the Hamburg Massacre of July 8, where several blacks were killed in the aftermath of a clash four days earlier.

Hamburg Nast 090276

The impact of the massacre was deadly on Hamburg itself, which virtually ceased to exist.

In the aftermath of the massacre there were those who speculated that perhaps blacks would take up arms to protect themselves. I doubt that those white people who today advocate open carry had this image in mind …

Indeed, whites did not want blacks to carry arms, a clear violation of blacks’ Second Amendment rights … but I’m sure we won’t hear about that.

Thomas Nast’s cartoons offered powerful indictments of what had happened at Hamburg. In a year when Americans celebrated the centennial of a document that declared that all men are created equal, he offered this observation:

So what the Virginia Flaggers want is for God to bless a gang of white supremacist terrorists who would have been horrified to see an African American elected to represent the Palmetto State in the United States Senate … and they proclaim this in the name of Confederate heritage, and call it a triumph.

Really, Virginia Flaggers? Really?

Even Flagger favorite Matthew Heimbach knows better …

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