A Reminder on 11/11/14

UPDATE: Just in case cacklin’ Connie Chastain claims I’ve distorted the message of this group, here’s what they say:

Twitter Four

Told ya–these folks don’t want you to honor United States veterans even as they want to honor Confederate veterans.

Watch Connie squirm. Watch Susan disappear.

—-original post—-

Today’s Veterans Day. We thank those who have served. We note members of our family who have served in actions stretching back to the birth of the republic.

Well, not all of us. You might want to take a look at the Twitter account of a group that claims it is linked to the Virginia division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Twitter One

Well, as they asked no quarter, they won’t get any from me.

Twitter Two

So it’s all about honoring service and veterans, eh? Apparently not. We’ll hear that Confederate veterans are American veterans worth honoring, but not United States veterans.

And guess who these folks embrace and endorse?

Twitter Three

That’s right … Susan Hathaway, Connie Chastain, and the Virginia Flaggers.

It will be interesting to see whether the Chief of Heritage Operations for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Ben Jones, disavows this use of his organization’s name. I guarantee he’ll hear about it.

Once again … we honor the service and sacrifice of those who have protected the United States in war and peace by serving in the armed forces of the United Sates of America.