Connie Chastain Goes Crazy

It’s been remarkable to watch Connie Chastain’s reaction to my Veterans Day post concerning a Confederate heritage group’s Twitterfeed. Here’s how she reacted when I announced that I would contact Ben Jones, chief of heritage operations for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, about the Twitterfeed’s use of the SCV’s Virginia division address:

CC tattletaleApparently Chastain objects to learning whether the group in question is part of the Virginia division of the SCV.

What makes this especially curious is that Chastain herself began to reverse course with her claim that the Twitter account was obviously a fake. It is interesting that she does not attack the Twitter account itself, just me. Of course, she did that when it came to Matthew Heimbach as well. Somehow, for all that talk of courage and cussedness, she’s quite the coward in these matters.

Of even more interest is Chastain’s failure to express any objection whatsoever to the content of the Twitterfeed in question. In fact, an examination of that Twitterfeed shows that she is in wholehearted agreement with nearly all if not all of its positions. She doesn’t deny that. Nor have Susan Hathaway and the Virginia Flaggers, another favorite of @WeLoveOurSouth.

Even when Chastain claims she doesn’t agree with a position, she manages to mess things up with her propensity to lie and to misrepresent. The original post did not speculate on how Chastain, Hathaway, and their ilk feel about US veterans. Chastain hurried to put tributes to US veterans who are family members on her Facebook page minutes before cutting and pasting them to her blog to show her passionate patriotism. Then she claimed that I was lying about what she believed, which was impossible since she was lying about what I had said (typical Chastain). However, since United States veterans of the American Civil War are US veterans, we would like evidence from Chastain, Hathaway, or the Flaggers that they have ever honored those soldiers for their service on behalf of the United States of America. Otherwise, they certainly do dishonor and despise certain US veterans, and they should be honest about it.

So what we have is characteristic Chastain, throwing a tantrum about Twitter while engaging in the usual lying. You can see that over at Al Mackey’s blog. Al makes the insightful point that the United States Congress recognizes Confederate veterans as Civil War veterans, not as American veterans. Chastain failed to take that on.

I still have not heard anything from Ben Jones about the Twitter account in question. Given how alarmed he is about other misrepresentations of Confederate heritage, one wonders why in this case he’s remained silent.

I’m amused at all the concern about whether this Twitter account is a fake. As I’ve pointed out, Chastain does not disagree with its positions (recall that was the same issue with the Flaggers and Heimbach). After all, some people have told me privately that they suspect that Chastain and company are a plant, a false flag operation, established by enemies of Confederate heritage who seek to destroy that heritage by associating it with such humiliating fools. Case in point: Jerry Dunford. Chastain’s offered no evidence that such is not the case.

By the way, Chastain offers the following declaration: “You take anonymous people at their word? Seriously?” This is quite an indictment of most of the commenters at her blog, including one of our favorites, “Border Ruffian/Battalion,” as well as that individual who posted under a number of names (and who seemed to be a Chastain favorite). So, just remember: Connie Chastain doesn’t take most of her own commenters at their word. She indicts them, but, since she takes them seriously, she indicts her own intelligence, too.

As they say, in order to address one’s problem, first you have to admit that you have a problem. Let’s hope Connie Chastain is on the road to recovery soon.



6 thoughts on “Connie Chastain Goes Crazy

  1. Goad Gatsby November 13, 2014 / 4:15 pm

    The other day I called out the Virginia Flaggers Facebook page for lying about the lyrics in one of the songs I played. I haven’t heard of a response yet from any of their various social media pages. They are all eager to post about me but when I correct them, they go silent.

  2. Jimmy Dick November 13, 2014 / 4:38 pm

    She backpedals so fast the sound of the chain has to catch up to her when she stops to post more stupidity. Really though, Connie bashing is like shooting fish in a barrel. It is effortless and in the end, entertaining on slow days.

    • Brooks D. Simpson November 13, 2014 / 4:58 pm

      Well, she’s a slow-to-understand person. She now claims that she knows who her anonymous commenters are and that the Twitter account’s a fake … she just wants us to take her at her word. We know how much that’s worth … that and $3.50 gets you a latte as the local coffee shop. It’s just like BR/B’s “list” of thousands of black Confederate soldiers … or Joe McCarthy’s “list.” Sure, Connie, You just keep on telling yourself and your lemmings that. It’s no different when she defends kiddie porn as fan fiction … but then she writes about minors, sex, and violence, too. She thinks that’s romance and adventure.

      • Jimmy Dick November 14, 2014 / 10:18 am

        On top of it is the fact that liars like Connie and Ben Jones and the rest of the heritage crowd are actually helping keep alive concepts that could result in another idiotic war. The Civil War was fought for a stupid reason. That war did not have to take place, yet it did. Here we are 150 years later and people still think that a war is a good idea. They constantly lie about the reason for that war because they don’t want to admit the real reason for it.

        Can you just imagine having another Civil War? What would it be over? State’s rights? That’s a fricking joke. No one thought it was about state’s rights in 1861 and they flat out said so. Self government? Over what? Tyranny? I hear the word but do not see where the federal government coerced states against their will in 1861. I don’t see it today. Where is the tyranny? Where was it in 1861?

        All I hear is the pathetic whine from Connie and the rest of the lying scumbags who don’t know history and have no real interest in it other than to perpetuate their lies. Every time they lie they violate the memory of the men who fought on both sides of the conflict. They violate the memory of every person who fought in America’s wars. It is people like Chastain and that lying crowd that cause wars because they’re too childish to accept facts.

        • Brooks D. Simpson November 14, 2014 / 12:21 pm

          I just think that Connie Chastain and Jerry Dunford are fitting spokespeople for their cause. One learns so much about what Confederate heritage really is by reading their blogs.

  3. Brooks D. Simpson November 13, 2014 / 10:26 pm

    Connie wants you to know she once said she wasn’t so sure about whether the account was fake:

    But I also don’t doubt that it could be some gung-ho heritage person. Somebody a bit over the top. The heritage community is huge — there’s bound to be a weirdo now and then.

    In short, she wants you to know that she’s willing to admit that the Twitter account in question may well be a Confederate heritage advocate … but she offers absolutely no objection to what the Twitter account says about US veterans … or anything else.

    Thanks for the implicit admission that you hate US veterans, Connie. After all, US Civil War veterans are US veterans.

    Told you she’s lost it. She wavers from one position to another, then claims she believes whatever is convenient.

    Oh … and by the way … it was one of Connie’s Twitter followers, whom Connie follows, who brought the Twitter account in question to my attention. That’s how I learned about it. But she won’t tell you that. Of course not. What else would a liar do?

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