A Reminder on 11/11/14

UPDATE: Just in case cacklin’ Connie Chastain claims I’ve distorted the message of this group, here’s what they say:

Twitter Four

Told ya–these folks don’t want you to honor United States veterans even as they want to honor Confederate veterans.

Watch Connie squirm. Watch Susan disappear.

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Today’s Veterans Day. We thank those who have served. We note members of our family who have served in actions stretching back to the birth of the republic.

Well, not all of us. You might want to take a look at the Twitter account of a group that claims it is linked to the Virginia division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Twitter One

Well, as they asked no quarter, they won’t get any from me.

Twitter Two

So it’s all about honoring service and veterans, eh? Apparently not. We’ll hear that Confederate veterans are American veterans worth honoring, but not United States veterans.

And guess who these folks embrace and endorse?

Twitter Three

That’s right … Susan Hathaway, Connie Chastain, and the Virginia Flaggers.

It will be interesting to see whether the Chief of Heritage Operations for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Ben Jones, disavows this use of his organization’s name. I guarantee he’ll hear about it.

Once again … we honor the service and sacrifice of those who have protected the United States in war and peace by serving in the armed forces of the United Sates of America.

Quote of the Week: November 2-8, 2014

From a passionate supporter of the Virginia Flaggers:

Just as we who have followed the history of America, especially as to the events of the War for Southern Independence and all the years hence. What we have experienced is the constant proof being played out right before your eyes that the Blacks who cause all the uproar about civil rights, about unfair opportunity, and mistreatment by the American law enforcement and judicial system, as they commit crimes and wonder why so many are in prison and are not Succeeding in jobs, in education, and other areas.

No wonder the head of the Virginia Flaggers wants God to bless white supremacist paramilitary groups.


Don’t Know Much About History

As many people have observed, for many Confederate heritage groups it is heritage, not history. Nowhere is this more evident than when one contemplates the Virginia Flaggers. Their blundering through the historical record is a marvel to behold, and their blithering idiocy is their special trademark. Take this example:

VF SCLet’s recall that Wade Hampton and the paramilitary Redshirts conducted a campaign of terrorism in 1876, featuring the Hamburg Massacre of July 8, where several blacks were killed in the aftermath of a clash four days earlier.

Hamburg Nast 090276

The impact of the massacre was deadly on Hamburg itself, which virtually ceased to exist.

In the aftermath of the massacre there were those who speculated that perhaps blacks would take up arms to protect themselves. I doubt that those white people who today advocate open carry had this image in mind …

Indeed, whites did not want blacks to carry arms, a clear violation of blacks’ Second Amendment rights … but I’m sure we won’t hear about that.

Thomas Nast’s cartoons offered powerful indictments of what had happened at Hamburg. In a year when Americans celebrated the centennial of a document that declared that all men are created equal, he offered this observation:

So what the Virginia Flaggers want is for God to bless a gang of white supremacist terrorists who would have been horrified to see an African American elected to represent the Palmetto State in the United States Senate … and they proclaim this in the name of Confederate heritage, and call it a triumph.

Really, Virginia Flaggers? Really?

Even Flagger favorite Matthew Heimbach knows better …

Heimbach History

Which Flag Should Fly? Or, Will the People Rule?

The Virginia Flaggers have offered photographs of a flagpole erected next to a series of markers explaining the battle of Savage’s Station, part of the Seven Days Battles, near the intersection of I-64 and I-295 east of Richmond (we have yet to see an image from the interstate, and of course this can’t be counted as an I-95 flag).

The Flaggers held a poll on which flag should fly at this location: the Army of Northern Virginia Flag or the Army of Tennessee flag (which, folks, mean they fly the navy jack associated with resistance to civil rights and human equality in the 20th century).

The poll closed on Friday, October 31. I didn’t mention it here lest someone claim that I was trying to tamper with the results.

Looks as if the ANV flag won overwhelmingly. That’s good news, if the purpose of the flag is to honor the soldiers of the Army of Northern Virginia … right?

Of course, that should be the flag flown at all the Flagger displays across the great commonwealth of Virginia. Frankly, it’s ridiculous to fly the flag of another army at such locations, if the objective is to honor heritage. That’s what I advised them to do when it came to their first flagpole enterprise.

Apparently the Flaggers’ followers agree with me. I am deeply honored.

Quote of the Week: October 26-November 1, 2014

It’s just astonishing what some people say and think:

One could actually argue that slavery increased the quality of life for the blacks who were brought over here. In many cases, they had it a lot better off than poor whites.

And yet somehow the poor whites didn’t see it that way.

And what does our friend from Florida say about that?

That’s a reality that infuriates White-Southern-hating flogger-types, when mentioned.

Ah, yes. The “slavery wasn’t so bad” position … offered by a white person. Nothing new here.

As for how our Confederate heritage advocate from Pensacola feels about the American people:

We live in a nation of dumbed down ignoramuses.

Nice to see how she holds her readership in high esteem.