Art as Political Commentary

Someone came across this image and wondered why there had been no commentary about it, so I thought it a good idea to offer it for your consideration.

You may want to consult this article about the image. I’d note from the copyright date that it precedes events of the past month, although it certainly speaks to them.

A Note on Commenting Policies

Long-time readers of this blog will recall that a year ago I booted a commentator after information reached me that the commentator in question had been convicted of a sexual offense.

Apparently this has upset Carl W. Roden, who recently protested:

Roden ComplaintIn other words, Mr. Roden wants to criticize me for booting someone.  As for “members,” I have no idea what he’s talking about. Perhaps it’s Ray O’Hara, who was booted from this blog long before it was reported that he was arrested as part of a child pornography investigation (I have heard nothing about Mr. O’Hara’s fate). As Connie Chastain also “booted” Mr. O’Hara, we’d have to say that she would come under the same criticism Mr. Roden directs at me.

Blogs don’t have “members,” so Mr. Roden is confused as well as inaccurate. It is up to Mr. Roden to prove that Mr. O’Hara was convicted of anything. I found Mr. O’Hara a despicable person for many reasons (in his online behavior he resembled several Flaggers/Flagger supporters, including Mr. Roden and Ms. Chastain), so I have no vested interest in clearing his name, but as Mr. Roden has made the claim, it’s left to him to document it. Otherwise he’d stand revealed of practicing in his own comments what he claims to deplore in others … that of offering inaccurate information.

Given Mr. Roden’s own interest in writing about stories of sexual relations between minor children as cartoon characters, perhaps he was worried about losing a potential reader.  That Ms. Chastain defends this practice as “fandom fiction” is to be expected, given that one of her books explores minors and barely-legal teens accused of sex crimes … such is her preference for the lurid in her fiction.

Mr. Roden has asked Ms. Chastain for permission to post what passes for literature in his world on her blog. I’m sure Ms. Chastain will consider the “interests” of her small band of devoted commenters in responding to this request, given her vigorous defense of his work as “sweet.”

That’s one way to describe it.

What makes the childish behavior of Mr. Roden and Ms. Chastain particularly repugnant is that Ms. Chastain quickly moved over the observation that the Virginia Flaggers once welcomed a registered sex offender as a gift from God to their cause (she seems rather uninterested in investigating that, for obvious reasons) and that Mr. Roden’s comment appeared in a Facebook group dedicated to the rescue of Lilly Baumann. We’ve already noted how the Flaggers and their supporters simply don’t give a damn about this missing child, a child they once used as a prop in their photographs. This sets their “concern” about the welfare of children into context.

We once more express our hope that Lilly Baumann is found safe and sound and returned to her father.