Flagger in Pensacola

We learn that the West Florida Flaggers (sic) held their (sic) first flagging in Pensacola yesterday. Details here.

The individual in question speculated on the reaction to this news:

Expect howls of derision** from … certain … quarters … over my solitary venture, the weather, my walker (complete with neon-yellow tennis-ball shoes on the back feet — hey, it came that way; $4.50 bucks at the mission store), and stuff  to ridicule that their mentality makes them notice, things that ordinary folks likely aren’t even aware of.

And what do the double asterisks mean?

**(Alternately, expect dead, ringing silence — an attempt to ignore in the hope that we will disappear.)

Other than noting that “we” does not equal “she,” I decided to test expectations. No “dead, ringing silence” (“Honey, is that ringing in my ear the sound of silence?”) …

… but no howls of derision, either.

After all, Connie Chastain shows up. Susan Hathaway doesn’t.