Get That Girl a Map for Christmas!

In a fumbling effort to disguise the fact that Susan Hathaway no longer flags outside the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond (’cause she’s skeered), the sole Pensacola Flagger offered her handful of readers what she thought was a geography lesson:


Unfortunately, she misplaced Richmond on the map (the dot is much closer to Southampton, so perhaps she wishes to honor Nat Turner).  I have no idea why West Florida’s bleeding.

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December 26, 1864: Lincoln Sends a Thank You Note

Over the last week people have paid much attention to William T. Sherman’s December 22, 1864, letter to Abraham Lincoln, presenting the president with the city of Savannah. Much less attention is paid to Lincoln’s response of December 26, penned the day after he received Sherman’s note. Yet it, too, merits our attention.

Here’s the first page:


… and the second page:

Here’s a close reading of the text:

Do you agree with the analysis?