Quote of the Week: December 21-27, 2014

Important if true …

did you not know that the Army of Northern Virginia was in Florida at various times during the War For Southern Independence, and they also were in other states as well.

I wonder which spring break he’s talking about?

The ANV fought primarily in four states: Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia. Perhaps one could cite an example of some Confederates going into North Carolina during the time Longstreet was detached in southeast Virginia … and then there’s the September 1863 detachment of two divisions under Longstreet to Georgia … or various units that at one time were part of the ANV but who fought elsewhere when they were not part of that army … but I can’t wait to learn more about Lee’s Florida campaign at the head of the ANV. Name “the various times” that the ANV was in Florida as the ANV, Jerry Dunford.

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